What Are The Best Legal Sportsbooks for Residents of Maryland?

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With online sports betting becoming legal in Maryland, everyone is looking forward to being able to bet at regulated online sportsbooks.

While you could bet at unregulated sportsbooks, that carries a lot of risks. You are at the whim of the online sportsbook in that regard. If any issues came up, there wasn’t much you could really do legally.

Now with regulated sports betting in Maryland, you can relax knowing that if you bet via any of the regulated Maryland sports betting apps, if any issues arise you have avenues with which you can complain about the sportsbooks.

So what are the best online sportsbooks for Maryland residents? Well, it’s important that you have accounts at at various to take advantage of free bets and enhanced odds. Here are the top three online sportsbooks legal in Maryland:

DraftKings: $200 in free bets as part of their early sign-up offer. DraftKings are working with the Baltimore Ravens in Maryland, and they are always a top sportsbook when it comes to promotions.

DraftKings run regular promotions daily including enhanced odds betting on games and giving extremely generous lines as part of their daily promotions.

They also offer great player props boosts for games. You can see the boosts go from the true line of +105 to +210, double what you would normally get.

When mistakes have occurred with DraftKings they have always been quick to be on top of it. They offer a great loyalty program including the weekly prize chest, and if you are just going to sign up at one sportsbook in Maryland, Draftkings is the best choice.

FanDuel: If you like betting parlays, FanDuel are the way to go. they often offer better odds on parlays compared to other online sportsbooks. They also have one of the best interfaces online for betting parlays. If you’ve ever seen any of those crazy parlay wins posted on Twitter for ridiculous amounts, 9 times out of 10 it will be a betting ticket from FanDuel.

Their sign-up bonus isn’t as good as DraftKings with $100 in free bets compared to $200, but they do offer quicker withdrawals, and they also offer rewards if you refer friends to them. So they are a great sportsbook to sign up at immediately, then refer your friends in Maryland to FanDuel to get those perks.

PointsBet: Offering $200 in free sportsbook bets for everyone in Maryland who signs up, PointsBet are another solid option when it comes to betting sports in Maryland.

On top of their initial deposit bonus, they are also offering 5 different second chance bets at $100 each, for a total of $500. This promotion is for new players and is best to be taken advantage of promptly as it is a welcome bonus for the Maryland market, and will likely change.

They are a bit weak when it comes to promotions overall, but they do have the best software out of all the other sportsbooks. Pointsbet is also known for starting strong. They offer a lot of great promotions initially to a new market and then fizzle out. So if you are looking to take advantage of the best promotions, get into Pointsbet early.

These are the three sportsbooks I feel are the best for residents of Maryland. Of course, there are various other sportsbooks that will be regulated in Maryland such as BetMGM, Caesars and Unibet. It’s well worth checking them all out as you can trust them completely, and erly on is when the sportsbooks fight the hardest to get people to sign up at them. So this is a great time to take advantage of the better-than-usual promotions.