Betting Sports with the Martingale Betting System

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The Martingale Betting System is the most common betting system in gambling. It’s also known as the “Double Up” system. Even if you’ve never used a betting system before, you’ve most likely came up with the idea of the Martingale Betting System, and also most likely thought it was a genius idea(it isn’t).

How the Martingale Betting System works is fairly simple: if you lose, you double up your bet. Take Roulette for example. You bet $1 on red. If you win? Then you bet $1 on red again. When you lose? You double your bet to $2. If you win there, you’re up $1 and go back to $2 bets.

If you lose the $2 bet? You bet $4. Then $8. Then $16. Then $32. And so on and so forth until you’ve won a bet, which means you profited $1, and then you go back to the initial $1 bet.

It’s the Gambler’s fallacy – where you believe that the same event can’t occur that many times in a row. Where you might think there’s no way in hell the roulette wheel could land on black 8 times in a row or whatever. This is forgetting the fact that every spin is independent of the other.

The only way to actually win with a betting system like that, is to have an infinite bankroll and be playing at a casino that has infinite betting limits. That’s just not going to happen.

However betting systems can be fun to play with, as long as you stick within your limits. For example – if you take $63 and use it at the Martingale Betting System, allowing you to bet $1, $2, $4, $8, $16, $32. If you go into it with full knowledge of that, and admitting that you will stop if you hit that $32 bet and lose – then it can add to an evening of entertainment for you. And it can be quite a rush knowing the $32 is your last bet, and then seeing it win.

Using the Martingale Betting System at Sports Betting:

So – what about sports? How do we use the Martingale Betting System at sports?

The easiest way would be betting only on even money bets. Any bets at 2.00(decimal), +100(American) or 1/1(Fractional) odds. So assume something like the following:

Bet $1 on Arsenal to win at 2.00 odds. Win, then your next bet is $1. Lose, and….
Bet $2 on Man City to win -1 at 2.00 odds. Win, then your next bet is $2. Lose and…
Bet $4 on Liverpool to win both halves at 2.00 odds.

And so on, and so forth.

But that one can be tricky because you’re heavily reliant on the odds – and it’s tough to get 2.00. Or for American sports fans – +100 is rare, you’ll usually see -110.

So that’s where you have to determine how to work with the juice. If you bet $1 at -110, you’re going to win $0.90. So if you lose that and bet $2 at -110, you’ll win $1.80. So you could just keep doing that, knowing your profit is going to be less and less every time you jump to a higher level.

Or you could change the odds at a sportsbook that allows that, by adding more points and so on or looking for alternative bets, always chasing that $0.90 profit.

Martingale A Single Sports Game:

One thing that can be fun, is martingale betting on a single sports game, which you can do thanks to live betting.

For example – as I type this, Sunderland are drawing 1-1 with Tottenham Hotspur in the EPL. 28 minutes are gone. I could bet on there being no more goals this half at -175 odds. $10 returns $5.71.

If I lose, then I am down $10. I could aim to get that back via martingaling, or I could aim to profit as well.

Let’s say I want to profit the original $5. Via martingaling, I would need to bet $20 on something that will bring in $15. The $10 I lost, and the $5 profit I want. Tottenham to get the next corner is currently -138, so $20 returns $34.54 or my $20 bet, plus the $10 I lost, plus the $5 profit. Try this awesome sportbook on Fliptroniks.

That is generally how you martingale in sports. The best place to martingale a single sports game is at Bet365. The reason is because they offer the most options for live in-play betting. So if you are looking to use the martingale system during a sports game, they will have the most options.

The key to this is just make a note of how much you are prepared to lose, and how much you want to win. Betting $100 to win $5 is never fun, but doing it in increments where you add to the bet each time can make it a lot more fun, and less risk as you can win on your first bet obviously.

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