14/1 Winner Last Week! F1 Hungarian Grand Prix Bets

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Last week was an absolutely tremendous week, as I was able to bang a 14/1 winner!

I correctly called Carlos Sainz to get the fastest lap at those odds, and thanks to Ferrari muffing things up in regards to a pit stop, he was able to do so. Thanks Ferrari. That was a 7u profit on that one.

I also correctly called Max Verstappen to win the French Grand Prix, although that was canceled out by the KMags bet. Very disappointed in him in that race. I really felt confident in him too and he didn’t even contend for points before his DNF.

So we’re at +6.54u profit just prior to the Summer break. Let’s see if we can bump that a wee bit. During the break I will use that time to post soccer bets regularly and get in the habit for that!

This week, we have the Hungarian GP and qualifying couldn’t have been more amazing. For Latifi to finish first in Practise three only to finish last in qualifying? Can’t make it up. Then we had that finale by Russell when it looked like a Ferrari 1-2. So impressive.

Unfortunately, this week the bets are Patreon Exclusive. After bagging a 14/1 winner, I have decided this week they will only be available on Patreon.

On Patreon, I have:

– 1u bet on race winner
– 1u bet on a group winner
– 0.25u bet on leader after first lap

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