AEW All Out 2020 Bets

Two weeks ago we had the biggest party of the Summer when WWE Summerslam took place. This Saturday night we get the biggest pay per view event of the Summer as All Elite Wrestling offers up All Out 2020.

This is going to be a great freaking show. AEW always delivers and this show looks to be amazing. Of course you can make it better by betting money on it.

Me and Vin have recorded a podcast covering AEW All Out if you want to hear our betting tips and different analysis.

We actually oppose each other on quite a few of these. So you can blindly believe me or you can listen to both our opinions and make the decision then. Interesting as we usually are on the same page.

We’re on Spotify etc as Going Over: Bet Pro Wrestling and would appreciate subscriptions. Or you can just play below:

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I’ll cover AEW now.

AEW All Out 2020 Betting Tips:

1u on MJF to win at +175. This was one where me and Vin got in a big argument about it. These two were -118 for the longest time before Moxley emerged as favourite. However I feel this one is close to a coinflip and am happy to bet MJF here. I think you can list a variety of reasons as to why he should win. For me the big one is the money is in the chase and I think Mox chasing for the title is the next big thing.

3u on Jericho to win at +100. I’m sorry but I just love Jericho to win here. I know Orange Cassidy is still a massive merch seller etc however I think the lack of crowds is hurting him and has killed his momentum just a tad. Still love the dude but I like Jericho to get the pin here. THEN he gets dumped in the mimosa vat.

Team Scorpio Sky – 1u at +250. This is made up of Dustin, QT, Sky and Cardona. I’m taking this nice underdog bet because I could see Scorpo getting the pin on Brodie. They see something in Scorpio and I think Scorpio vs Brodie is a natural next feud. Him winning the match for them could be huge here. That’s what I think the story would be coming out of this.

2u on Dr. Britt Baker at +125. It’s a cinematic match to cover her injuries but I still like Dr. Britt Baker to get the win. I feel the next obvious feud is her vs Shida and as long as she is healthy I’ll take her.

I’m also going with Lance Archer 1u under 5.5 eliminations at -110 and 1u on the Joker to win the Battle Royal at +200.

Where To Bet the True Biggest Party of the Summer

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