August 15th, 2022 MLB Betting Tips

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MLB tips for August 15th, 2022.

3-3 last night.

The Yankees let us down again last night. That team is really struggling right now and that’s one I maybe should’ve just ignored. Seems to be a lot of good teams down of late.

New week means new match-ups and I’m liking these match-ups better already.

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Philadelphia Phillies at Cincinnati Reds Betting Tips:

PHI – Noah Syndergaard 3.96 ERA/3.76 FIP
CIN – Mike Minor 6.24 ERA/6.75 FIP

This is one of the biggest System favorites that I’ve seen in awhile. Usually when something is this big of a favorite it’s too expensive to bet, but this one has a nice price on it.

The Phillies crush lefties with a 114 wRC+ against them. Minor is obviously very hittable, giving up a lot of homeruns, and this is a great hitting ballpark.

Syndergaard has been good at limiting homeruns and walks this season even as the strikeouts haven’t come back. A 3.78 ERA/2.58 FIP over his last three starts is pretty solid and this Reds offense is not scary.

Phillies -1.5 (-116)

Chicago Cubs at Washington Nationals Betting Tips:

CHC – Marcus Stroman 4.20 ERA/3.98 FIP
WSN – Josiah Gray 4.81 ERA/5.60 FIP

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Baltimore Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays Betting Tips:

BAL – Kyle Bradish 6.42 ERA/5.16 FIP
TOR – Yusei Kikuchi 5.13 ERA/5.87 FIP

This line really surprised me because have you seen Kikuchi pitch? He has been a gas can of late and Baltimore’s offense is on fire with a 122 wRC+ over the past two weeks.

The Jays offense has been down to a 90 wRC+ over the same period and Bradish has actually looked strong of late. A 3.52 ERA/3.90 FIP over his past three starts. The last start was against Toronto where he allowed three runs, but based on how Kikuchi has pitched – even a start like that might be enough.

Orioles First 5 Innings Moneyline (+140)
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Seattle Mariners at Los Angeles Angels Betting Tips:

SEA – Luis Castillo 2.71 ERA/3.17 FIP
LAA – Shohei Ohtani 2.68 ERA/2.45 FIP

Arizona Diamondbacks at San Francisco Giants Betting Tips:

ARI – Madison Bumgarner 4.13 ERA/4.51 FIP
SFG – Alex Cobb 4.15 ERA/2.92 FIP

Bumgarner has improved enough where he’s not an automatic pick against, but he is still a guy with the profile we like to target with high homeruns and low strikeouts. The Giants have been excellent against lefties this season with a 113 wRC+ against them.

Cobb has pitched excellently all season, especially of late with a 3.26 ERA/2.43 FIP over his past five starts. The Diamondbacks are a below average offense against righties.

Giants First 5 Innings -0.5 (-130)