August 23rd, 2015 Betting Tips: WWE SummerSlam, MLB

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A big day in sports today as the NFL preseason is in action, we have a full MLB schedule and the WWE is bringing us SummerSlam. Over the past few years SummerSlam has become WWE’s second biggest event and the presence of Brock Lesnar takes it to a whole other level. His match against the Undertaker tonight is the big one and it has been covered everywhere in the media over the past week. This is the event to see today and we have betting tips for you.

We also have a few baseball games that will be worth your while. Sunday is always a wild day in baseball as it is the end of the series and a travel day for many teams. Crazy things can happen and today should be no different. Let’s get into the tips for today and find our winners.

MLB Betting Tips:

This Rockies and Mets series has been absolutely mental thus far. On Friday Yoenis Cespedes hit three homeruns and the Mets scored a whopping fourteen runs. Then on Saturday they hit another 21 hits and won by the same score, 14-9. How can we not go over 11.5 runs today too? The Coors Field effect is real and the way these two teams are playing, I can’t imagine going against them today.

The Mariners and White Sox end their series in Chicago today with John Danks on the mound for Chicago against Tajuan Walker. Danks is one of my favorite pitchers to target against as he has the propensity to give up a lot of hits. He goes against Walker who, despite a few rough innings, has been a rare bright spot for the Mariners this season. The Mariners offense has been very good in the second half of the season and a match-up against John Danks suites them. The Mariners -135 is the play today.

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WWE SummerSlam Betting Tips:

In a match that could turn out to be the best match of the weekend and the one we’ll all talk about years from now, Cesaro faces Kevin Owens. Cesaro has been on the verge of breaking out in a big way for what seems like forever and tonight could be his night to finally make his mark in WWE. That seems to be the story anyways, but the odds are not quite in his favor and Owens is a huge favorite. After a brutal ladder match last night, Kevin Owens basically has a built in excuse to lose this one while Cesaro would benefit so much more from the win. Cesaro +450 is the play that is best for business.

The big main event, of course, is Brock Lesnar versus The Undertaker. All of the build-up to this match has been about how The Undertaker has never beaten Brock Lesnar and how Lesnar broke the Undertaker’s streak. The dead man is looking for revenge tonight and it feels like he is going to get it. The books got killed when Undertaker broke the streak so The Undertaker -150 feels like them hedging their bets. Taker is taking this one.

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