August 24th, Sports Betting Tips: Arsenal, MLB

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You know something, this weekend was actually pretty damn great when it came to sport. Recently we’ve had a bit of a lull, but the NFL pre-season is starting to ramp up, there was a lot of Barclays Premier League games to get stuck into, we had the obligatory MLB games, there was WWE Summerslam, as well as their NXT event, and then there’s the athletics World Championships. Seriously, if you’ve not seen the 100m final, check it out. Usain Bolt ‘saving’ athletics was probably the highlight of the weekend. Even if Tiger Woods had managed to win at the weekend, it would not have been more enthralling than watching the fastest men in the world compete. Whether or not you’re a fan of Bolt or Gatlin, it was the story that made the race so exciting; good versus evil, clean vs dirty, it had everything. Hell, even the semi-final was exciting, with Bolt tripping slightly coming out of the blocks, but flying the final 80m to win. So this weekend was just pretty damn special considering how quiet it’s all been on the sporting front. And there’s not long now until the NFL season gets into full swing, so we’ll have jam-packed schedules as of next month, and we can’t wait.

Without sounding like a broken record, Liverpool are, once again, the subject of the Premier League’s Monday night football game. We’d hate to speculate why, so we won’t bother. We’ve also got the use MLB fare to have a look at, so let’s get to the free sports betting tips for August 24th, 2015.

Arsenal vs Liverpool Betting Tips:

Here’s the thing, neither Arsenal or Liverpool have truly shown their potential in the early stages of this season. Arsenal’s defeat to West Ham followed by an average display against Crystal Palace didn’t excite us at all. Liverpool’s laboured win over Stoke, and then their fortunate win over Bournemouth summer up what many had thought about the side – they need a goal scorer. So it’s all just a little bit confusing.

That being said, Arsenal, on paper, just seem like they’re going to get going sooner than Liverpool – there’s less gelling for the team to do. Liverpool still need to find their feet, and it might take a few more games. Arsenal should win this tonight, and if they do, it could be the catalyst they need. Yeah, we’re talking like their season is already stuttering and it’s only just begun, but Manchester City could just start pulling away while the competition drops a few points at the start, and then they won’t look back.

It’s hard to see where Liverpool will get goals from, but it’s also worth remembering how shaky Arsenal’s defence has looked. But Arsenal should have enough firepower up front to snatch a win. Arsenal and both teams to score is our value play here. If you’re not as confident, Arsenal are a shade of odds-on to win, but since we think Arsenal will win, and both sides will score, take the value play and get the week off to a good start.

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MLB Betting Tips:

Tonight, we’re all about Mets -1.5 against the Phillies. Normally taking a road side against the spread wouldn’t be a popular choice, but you know what, the Mets are just play great ball, and they have Jacob deGrom on the mound, so we can’t see the Phillies taking too many runs off them, while we know the Mets have runs galore in the line-up.

Chicago Cubs are the value bet of the night. They’re on a nice run, and with Jon Lester on the mound, the Cubbies’ firing line-up should give the Indians a hard time. We thought the Cubs were going to be shorter than they were, so get on-boar the train, and don’t stop backing them until it comes to a screeching halt. With an on-form pitcher and red hot bats, we don’t think that tonight will be that night.

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