August 30th, 2014 Betting Tips: 3 EPL Tips

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Just a reminder our 3 betting tips yesterday are for UFC 177 tonight – subtitled “The lowest buyrate PPV of all time”. Seriously they could put Sharknado 3 on PPV and it’d do better buys than this show.

Despite that, we’re still excited for it we must admit. Often UFC cards like this go on with little hype and they end up being excellent from a fighting standpoint. We hope for the same here especially with all of the mess over Barao.

As a reminder, we backed Correia, Medeiros and Castillo. An even bet, a favourite bet and an underdog bet.

Nice combination of bets there.

Full day of football today, or soccer for the Americans. Let’s get to the tips and go with three EPL Betting Tips today:

EPL Betting Tips: Burnley vs Man Utd

It’s been a struggle for Man Utd so far this season, yet the bookies odds still aren’t reflecting their performances. I mean have you WATCHED Man Utd? They are dire at the moment.

It’s one of those things where we do it without thinking too much about it – Man Utd aren’t playing well, so we bet against them.

Here the odds are Burnley 5/1, draw 3/1 and Man Utd 8/15. And this is at Turf Moor.

We have to go with Burnley Or Draw here. 2/1 odds on that and it’s a fair price – I don’t think Burnley have the goalscoring power against Man Utd, but then again the Man U defense is a mess at the moment.

Either way play it safe and go with the double choice.

Bet: Burnley or Draw. 2/1 odds on that at

EPL Betting Tips: Everton vs Chelsea

We’ve loved Chelsea this season, they’ve already made us money and even though Everton are a bloody tricky team we think they will see them off.

Probably another tight affair, but Chelsea just look so solid as a unit and clearly this is the team that will most likely win the English Premier League.

Like any Chelsea game it’ll probably be a tight, defensive game especially with Tim Howard in the opposite end but we think Chelsea will see Everton off in a big test for them this early in the season.

Bet: Chelsea to win. Best odds on Chelsea are 11/10 at

EPL Betting Tips: QPR vs Sunderland

QPR are a bit of a mess at the moment, but Sunderland aren’t the strongest team either. We think this is a tight one that will end in a draw.

QPR are losing Faurlin which really sucks – he is a key player and that’s going to hurt their creativity. We think they will play a much more tight defensive game. Sunderland are at that stage where Poyet isn’t sure of his first team – all the players are doing their bit so it makes it tough for him.

This is going to be a tight game, and we’re going to go with a draw between Sunderland and Queens Park Rangers.

Bet: QPR vs Sunderland to end in a draw. Bet at