BDO 2012 World Championship Day Seven Tips

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One week in and we finally get the Holy Grail – a perfect night! Again, the shock of the night was tipped, so we’ve had a few nice successes when it’s come to the big names exiting and you don’t get any bigger than England Captain Martin Adams getting knocked out by Tony O’Shea.

I’m getting a lot of e-mails asking for P&L, and I will be honest, it’s more a time factor than anything, but we are now +3.61, and it’s been a long slog to get there. Hopefully you’ve kept the faith and are now sitting on a nice bit of profit. If not, shame on you! Let’s keep the streak going and get another perfect night under our belts.

Christian Kist versus Alan Norris.

Christian Kist is a little bit of an enigma here. He’s had a solid if unspectacular year, but he’s come to the Lakeside unseeded and put in two matches where he’s averaged 97.77 and then 96.51, looking very comfortable in the process. There doesn’t look to be any real faults in his game at the moment. Alan Norris, conqueror of last year’s runner-up, Dean Winstanley, has been another revelation here this week, with his power scoring giving him the edge over his competition. His averages of 91.95 and 89.28 are incredibly solid, but it’s his 13 maximums that have got him through.

Kist is the bookies’ favourite, but I think Norris might just be a bit of a handful for him. Kist dropped 2 sets to Geert de Vos, who isn’t in the same league as Norris, so Norris and his experience might just do a lot better. The other interesting figure is the highest checkout for both men. Norris has a 130 under his belt, and a 116, and also a 100. Kist’s best is a 97. Norris is the outside to have the highest checkout and I can’t have that. The stats would suggest otherwise!

Alan Norris to beat Christian Kist: 7/5 @ Betfair.

Recommend: 2 units.

Alan Norris to have the highest checkout versus Christian Kist: Evens @

Recommend: 3 units.

Ted Hankey versus Martin Atkins.

A bit of a shock quarter-final here, with Ted Hankey knocking out the in-form Scott Waites in a fantastic match. Hankey has a tournament average of 86.61, Atkins’ is 88.58. Neither man has lit up the treble bed, but both have been consistent and truly deserve their place here.

Atkins won their last meeting, but that was back in 2007 at the World Masters, so there’s not much to read into that. Hankey has a highest checkout of 145 (and a 144 to boot, too), while Atkins has 136 (with a 132), so there should be a few big finishes in this match. The line of 131.5 should be comfortably beat in a match like this, with both men knowing that big finishes will be what takes them over the finish line.

Atkins’ 6 maximums don’t make wonderful reading, whlie Hankey’s 9 isn’t much better. So seeing the line at 12.5 is definitely nice. I can’t see Atkins weighing in with too many, so Hankey having to score around 8 is a bit of a stretch. So the under is a must here!

Highest checkout in Ted Hankey versus Martin Atkins match over 131.5: 5/6 @ Paddy Power.

Recommend: 3 units.

Total 180s in Ted Hankey versus Martin Atkins match under 12.5: Evens @

Recommend: 2.5 units.

And that’s all for tonight. I think we’ve got some great bets here, especially in the second match of the night. I’ll be back with the tips for the semi-finals, where we’ll have Tony O’Shea taking on Wesley Harms, and hopefully we get Alan Norris taking on Ted Hankey in the other, as I think both will be extremely entertaining matches.

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