Brazilian Grand Prix 2015 Betting Tips

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It’s the second last race of the Formula 1 season – the Brazilian Grand Prix.

We absolutely KILLED it last time out with the Mexican Grand Prix and I hope you were all on it. We had our huge long shot bet of Nico Rosberg to get pole, have the fastest lap AND win the race. It was an 8/1 shot and it came in big time.

We’ve had a very, very succesful F1 season and these last few weeks in particular have been incredibly good. Hope you’ve all been enjoying it.

So the Brazilian Grand Prix – which if you read the UK media in regard to this apparently no-one cares. The F1 is losing interst in Brazil. Not really surprising when they only have two drivers in Felipe Massa and Felipe Nasr, and the likes of Rosberg/Hamilton have managed to completely dominate the season.

Should be an interesting race and the Mercedes engines will be right up there as it’s a power track. Weather forecast says it’s going to be dry both for qualifying and the race which will obviously help there.

Points Finish: Max Verstappen

Unfortunately in the F1, the only real meaningful battle is Lotus vs Torro Rosso – who are fighting it out for 6th place. We think Verstappen will be able to grab a few points here which will make the finish in Abu Dhabi very exciting to watch. This could be a good circuit for Verstappen as well.

Long Shot: Raikkonen in the Points

Two long shots this week. The first is Raikkonen in the points. A past winner of this course but he’s also the driver who was blocked by a freaking gate. Brazil is always an interesting race with an interesting history of results – and we think that Raikkonen might be able to surprise people and sneak his way into the points.

Hamilton No Podum

Lewis Hamilton is coming into this one frustrated as it is. He’s also coming off the car accident in Mexico and at this stage of the season we’re not sure his head is in it.

He hasn’t won here before, and that could make him feel desperate. We watched the practise and he seemed really motivated – but that’s one of those things that could backfire.

2 years ago he came 9th and in 2012 he retired after 54 laps in a collision – so there is a history to back it up too.