Charles Schwab Challenge 2023 Betting Tips

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Winner, winner, chicken dinner last week at the PGA Championship, thanks to Brooks Koepka taking it home at 20/1.

That was quite the sweat up until Hovland messed up near the end. Hell of a tournament though and what a player Brooks is.

While I’m happy with the win – I’d much prefer it on a regular tournament, with it being more based on the metrics. It was hard to really pick anything last week based on metrics. Give me data wins any day of the week.

Puts us at -4.5u for the season for the PGA. It’s been a tough year so far. Just 2 wins so far, and the win ratio overall is lower than per usual. Hopefully just variance. Could do with another nice big win to lift us up. That’s pretty much how golf betting works.

I’m hoping to start expanding beyond the PGA again at some point this year. I love covering the likes of the LPGA etc. It’s just been a time thing as mentioned. A new website project that began January 1st this year and has kept me absolutely swamped.

Thankfully I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in regard to that. It’ll be primarily wrapped up at some point in June. I’m then going to take some time off due to family and friends visiting of the Summer, but come the end of July will be in a better place work wise, and can actually focus more on those. In the meantime, just been sitting back and gathering data.

Right. Charles Schwab this week.

Charles Schwab Challenge 2023 Betting Tips:

2 plays, a 1/2u and 1/4u, at our Patreon. I gave y’all a free 20/1 winner last week. Use your winnings from that and fork over the $11!
I’m also going with:

1/8u on BrIan Harman 60/1 E/W & 1/8u on Russell Henley 40/1 E/W

Russell was someone that was popping up at the top of my metrics until a few additional factors were added, then he dropped. He hasn’t really played here so we don’t know course form, but at least he is rested and was close last week to making the cut.

Harman just pops up enough on the metrics. Had some decent performances here in the past.