December 13th, 2017 NBA Betting Tips

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It was a 1-2 night last night.

Our victory was with the Denver Nuggets. Like I said yesterday the line was a real surprise for me – the Nuggets were fighting strong and that they could carry the Jokic loss at least one more game. They did so with ease with a massive 103-84 win to put the Pistons at 7 losses in a row.

We lost – again – with two favourites. We backed the Spurs but the Mavs pulled off an upset to win that one by 6 points. 95-89 was the score as the Mavs go 8-20.

Our final loss was with the Timberwolves in a tight game against Philly that went to OT. Seems to be a tricky period betting wise as I see a lot of other regular gamblers losing so good to know we’re not alone. But hey only two losing nights in a row – time to turn it around.

It’s December 13th, 2017 let’s check out tonights action:

Pacers vs Thunder Betting Tips:

I’ve got to take the Pacers -1 tonight. The Indiana Pacers are a huge home team and have performed very well here. They’re on a 4 game winning streak and while the strength of those teams isn’t the best, they’re showing solid performances.

The Thunder are coming in here having lost their last game to the Hornets and they really just struggle on the road. Until they start showing they can win on the road with consistency I’ve just got to look to fade them.

Obviously the George factor is going to make things interesting and he’s going to be up for it but I just think the Pacers still have what it takes here.

Wizards vs Grizzlies Betting Tips:

There’s rumours that John Wall might be back tonight and that would be huge. Either way I really dig the Wizards here.

They’ve been on the road for almost the entire month and I expect a big home victory here from them and a solid performance. They know games like this are ones that they need to win to improve their record.

The Grizzlies are just not a good time and are a disaster without Conley and after the Fisdale firing that hasn’t improved anything.

They just have many many issues and it doesn’t seem they have the strong team chemistry to turn it around.

Wizards -7.5

Rockets vs Hornets Betting Tips:

I hate those double digit point spreads but I gotta go with Rockets -12.5. Hornets have that fighting spirit but the Rockets are doing everything right just now and they look just beautiful out there.

They’re one of those teams that amidst a big winning streak are showing a lot of drive and ways to improve and keep on going.

They’re going to take the Hornets seriously after that Thunder win and they’ve thumped teams better than the Hornetts by more than 12.5 so I can see them doing it again.