December 16th, 2015 Betting Tips: NHL & NBA

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It’s Wednesday, December 16th and we’ve got a very intriguing game tonight as the Golden State Warriors take on the Phoenix Suns. Can they reclaim their fortunes or are they going to start to struggle like a lot of teams who go on a streak and then lose? Another streak is over as well with the Patrick Kane point streak done and dusted.

NHL Betting Tips December 16th:

2 games tonight and we’ll tip both.

Senators vs the Capitals: This was one I expected to be at Under 5 goals but the line is Under 5.5 and so it’s a play for me. If Anderson was in net I could see the 5.5 – he has been very leaky lately and that’s an understatement. Going up against this Capitals offense could be a bloodbath. However that’s not the case. He is out, Hammond is in and that’s a good thing for all Ottawa Senators fans tonight. Hammond might be a bit rusty but you’re going to get the team protecting the goalie who single handedly took them to the playoffs last season and you know that after his injuries this year – he will want to get back on track. Shutting out the Capitals would win the fans over again immediately. Doubt he will actually pull off a shutout but I do like this to be a very tight game and will quite confidently be backing the Under 5.5 goals in this one.

Bruins vs Penguins: Not a huge fan of the Bruins odds but we have to take them to win here and if you feel like some extra risk go for regulation bet. The Penguins have Fleury out so their backup goalie is in net tonight and that always makes things a bit trickier. You just never know how the backup will perform, or how the rest of the team will perform. Will they play with the same confidence or sit back and help him out? Either way you can’t ignore the Boston Bruins form at the moment and we’re on them tonight.

NBA Betting Tips December 16th:

Timberwolves +5: Timberwolves have had their struggles in recent times but they’re really keeping a lot of games close. It doesn’t matter who they play they’ve kept the games tight – and going on the road might be what they need. Also lke the way Towns is playing at the moment.

Going against the Knicks who picked up their first win in a week as they beat the Blazers on the 12th. Knicks are still struggling through and we think the Timberwolves can keep it within the points.

Suns +12: After rolling all over everyone, the Warriors are now human again with their first loss. Will they continue to lose or will they bounce right back? It’s a hard thing to take and it’s going to be interesting. Either way when it comes to this game, we’re going to take the Suns +12. We honestly think Suns could even win this game. The Warriors haven’t been themselves lately and have looked mortal. Suns +12 seems like a nice easy bet to make.