December 9th, 2018 NBA Betting Tips

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A 1-1 record last night.

I am really kicking myself about taking the Wizards over the Cavs last night. I was sitting in my living room with my family, watching Home Alone 2, when it struck me: Tristan Thompson is a beast on the boards and the Wizards have no front court without Dwight Howard. It was too late though, the game had started and the bet was in. Thompson finished with 19 boards as the Cavs blew out Washington.

The Mavericks were great last night though as Luka Doncic went on a 11-0 run by himself to win the game for his team. That kid is truly something special as I think he could get this team in the playoffs. He is a shoe-in for Rookie of the Year and has a good chance of being an All-Star. Atlanta may have made an analytically smart move trading him, but right now they are looking like the biggest fools in the league for doing so.

Only four games on the schedule today. Let’s take a look at what we’ve got.

Milwaukee Bucks vs. Toronto Raptors: The Bucks lost big to the Warriors on Friday night, but that shouldn’t be held against them. They get another tough match-up tonight against the Raptors. This is a really tough one to pick. On the one hand, the Raptors have been the best of the East and are playing at home where they have been fantastic.

The line on this one is big though. The Bucks have had the much tougher schedule this year and by a lot of stats look like the true best of the East. They have the best Net Rating in the league and Giannis Antetokounmpo, the two-time Player of the Month this season. The stats all say this is a -1 or -2 game, but they Bucks are getting +5.5. I think this is one best enjoyed watching than betting on.

Charlotte Hornets vs. New York Knicks: This is the kind of game you look at and think “yep, Hornets win no problem”, but then you see they are -6 and they have a 3-8 road record. It just doesn’t feel great. Not as great as this next one at least.

Utah Jazz vs. San Antonio Spurs Betting Tips:

The Jazz are starting to figure things out. They’ve won four of their past five (with the only loss being to the Miami nightlife) by a minimum of eight points. They come in to tonight’s game well-rested as they haven’t played since Thursday and facing a Spurs team that is not in a good place right now. These two teams played last week and the Jazz won huge, 139-104.

San Antonio has split with nearly every team they’ve played twice this year (except a 3-1 record against the Lakers, weirdly), but I think that ends tonight. Over the last eight games the Spurs are dead last in Defensive Rating while the Jazz are third in the same time frame. When Utah is going on defense, they are one of the best teams in the league and the Spurs do not have the firepower or the defense to keep up.

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