EPL & NFL Bets for January 21st & 22nd

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It was an excellent Sunday and Monday in the NFL. I went 3-0 on Sunday with my player props, and then the Cowboys duly delivered by covering the spread against the Bucs. Where the heck was that performance in Week 1.

It’s a tough weekend in the EPL in terms of games. But I’m going with:

Liverpool to Win at 1.85 odds: Regardless of their performances as of late, they are still excellent at home. Their defense looked better in mid-week, and Chelsea have had a couple of disappointing shifts away. Liverpool still without quite a few players due to injury, but Chelsea I think have pretty much an entire team out. They will have Mudryk in I expect but just feel Liverpool are still the better team and can get the win.

Brighton to win at 2.10 odds: Just have to do this and if Leicester can upset things so be it but they have been brutal coming back from the break. Brighton are playing excellent football. Leicester just don’t seem to have that killer instinct up front at the moment, and even if they’re able to score Brighton have been good lately with piling the goals on and teams can’t keep up.

I’ll cover all the NFL in one spot here as well:

Jaguars @ Chiefs:

One thing which is tough about player props is sometimes you base them on an expected strategy, but then it never actually comes to boot.

In this one for example? I feel like the Chiefs should be throwing to McKinnon a lot and utilizing him in that role. It’s a great way to beat the Jags pass D. He has been a much bigger factor in the team the last couple of weeks too.

Will they do it? You just never know. There was that Cowboys game against the Giants where I said they should be utilizing Schultz. They barely touched him until the 4th quater and he ended up with 2 TDs – could have used him more in that one.

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Giants @ Eagles:

I found myself really rooting for the Giants last week. Funny how you go into a game not really caring, and then are going nuts over it. I thought Barkley looked fantastic last week. Problem is only 53 rushing yards. However for this one I am going to go with Barkley anytime TD at 2.00 odds.

Bengals @ Bills:

Boy the Bills did not look too great last week. That was very concerning.

Diggs delivered last week though and I’m fine with going that route again. Diggs Over 79.5 receiving yards. He is their go to guy. Davis also showed up as a big threat last week so the Bengals will be focused on him as well.

Tempted by Tyler Boyd over 38.5 receiving yards too although his game log for that isn’t enough to fully back it. Just feel Bengals need to rely on him here.

Cowboys @ 49ers:

Outright bet on this one.

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