Euro 2020 Tips: September 10th, 2019

The last batch of Euro 2020 qualifiers for this period take place on Tuesday, September 10th.

We then take a break from international football until October.

It’s a key day for a lot of these teams. Unfortunately it’s also one of thoes days where we have a ton of big favourites, such as England, France, Portugal, Serbia and Turkey.

Yep. Difficult one.

I’ve decided to look through each game and just provide a betting thought for each of them. These will be casual bets unless specified – all of just 0.25u.

I always enjoy doing that – forcing myself to find a bet for a game. As it prompts you to consider bets from all different angles etc.

Let’s look at the games:

Albania vs Iceland: These two teams are in Group H. It’s quite competitive there with France, Turkey and Iceland all tied for top at the time of this writing. Iceland have probably been the least impressive of those three. However Iceland are technically a tier of quality above Albania. Not fully convinced but they’re a decent enough price to back. I’m taking Iceland to win at 2.40. I’ll do 0.5u on that one.

England vs Kosovo: England have won 3 out of 3 and look to defeat Kosovo, who are the only unbeaten team in the group. I see no reason not to take the handicap the way England have been playing. Home or away they are handing out thrashings. England -2 at 1.72 odds, I’ll do 0.5u on that one as well.

France vs Andorra: Andorra are the whipping boys of the group and are yet to score a goal. France haven’t been defensive juggernaughts or anything though with 4 goals conceded in 5 games. The handicap odds are brutal here so I’m going to risk a small play on Andorra +5. 1.83 odds for that one.

Lithuania vs Portugal: Portugal are 2nd in the group currently and will be looking to separate themselves from the pack with a win over Lithuania here. Portugal have been a bit off this tournament so far, but will feell good about that win over Serbia for sure. I’m not fully convinced by Portugal yet so will take Lithuania +3 at 1.80 odds.

Luxembourg vs Serbia: Luxembourg have did what they’ve had to do this group with the points against Lithuania. Serbia have had a rocky start and will be looking to bounce back here. I think there is a slim chance Luxembourg can get a goal and will bet accordingly. Both Teams to Score, 2.20 odds.

Moldova vs Turkey: Group H is a tight one and Turkey will be looking for a win here as they face Moldova. Moldova have lost 4 out of 5 with that slim 1-0 win over Andorra. Turkey have did well defensively and I’ll back them to continue that by backing Turkey to win to Nil. 1.72 odds. Probably no value there honestly but hey that’s why it’s only 0.25u.

Montenegro vs Czech Republic: A big game for the Czech Republic. Knowing Kosovo are facing England they’ll be hoping for a win to put them in 2nd place. They lost to Kosovo 2-1 and will be out for blood. These two teams faced off in June where the Czechs won 3-0. I’ve got to back Czech Republic again and will go with 0.5u at 2.05 odds.