Euro 2024 Bets: July 2nd, 2024

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Another nice winning day with the Euro 2024 bets. It’s been a very profitable round of 16 thus far with 3 winning days in a row, and hopefully I can make it 4.

Went 1-1 for 1.40u profit. The win was Slovenia or Draw after 90 minutes. Portugal struggled to finish, and Slovenia had a couple of key chances to wrap it up in 90 but couldn’t quite do it.

The loss had me crying like Ronaldo. It was draw after 90 minutes in the France game, but an own goal with 5 minutes left crushed that one. To be fair despite the dull game France deserved to win. Horrible tactics by Belgium. It’s a running joke now about France and their inability to score from open play but they did carve out the chances.

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