Euro 2024 Bets: July 1st, 2024

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Another winning day with the Euro bets, thanks to my Patreon-exclusive bet of Spain to win & BTTS at 3.40 odds. Shout-out to the people who signed up and snagged that one.

Really happy with that one, not just the win but how it played out. Spain were all over them but Georgia got that goal and I just knew right then that bet was coming in. Really enjoyable.

Lost with England -1 and then to make things worse, England actually won. It was a silly mistake I made – judging England by their players, and not how they have performed at the tournament thus far. To be fair I did have a lot more questions about Slovakia. My original intentions were to back something more favourable towards Slovakia, but the more I looked at them the less I liked them.

The stupidest thing is there is still a part of me that still wants to ignore it all and back England in the next game. We’ll see how it goes.

France vs Belgium Bet:

France have been a big disappointment this tournament. I thought they’d be one of the strongest teams but they really have not. They’ve had three games to show their dominance and have not at all.

Belgium have just been an oddball. I do feel they have generally been unfortunate overall.

This all makes for one of those really intriguing games. Like its stupid how excited I am for this one and seeing how it plays out. Of course, it makes it a tad harder to bet.

Bookies have France as favourites. Honestly I could see them scoring an early goal, then Belgium having a billion chances with Lukaku hitting the woodwork 3x, two chopped off VAR goals, and missing an xG goal of 0.80.

I’m going with draw after 90 minutes at 3.26. Might be one of those games where both teams play very cautious similar to France versus Netherlands. If you want to get spicy, I don’t hate “Game decided after penalties at 5.50”. But I’d rather not be sweating that extra 30. If it hits the 90 minute mark I’ll probably get France to win on pens.

Portugal vs Slovenia Bet:

Portugal have had quite the journey to get here. Now they face Slovenia, who made it through with three draws.

I’m not the biggest fan of Portugal this tournament as I’ve mentioned. They are very hefty favourites against Slovenia at 1.30 odds to win in 90. Ick.

When they got that Turkey victory I wasn’t surprised at all – I had Portugal -1 there. But that was more due to the Turkish defense. Not sure if the Slovenia defense will make the same mistakes. Of course they may sit back which is a concern, but Portugal do make mistakes too.

I’m going with a play over 3.00 odds only available on Patreon. Hey if you sign up today you get the entire month for July for free to judge us. Cancel by the end of July and you won’t pay a penny. Why wouldn’t you sign up especially with Vins current MLB record?