Euro 2024 Bets: June 30th, 2024

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A 2-0 win with the first batch of bets in the Round of 16. 2.85 profit, not bad at all.

I’m regretting not doing something different with Switzerland, such as win in 90 minutes. And while I am only flat betting here, I generally play different unit sizes but that one I just flat bet the 1u.

That game went exactly as I expected. Actually, Italy were worse than expected. They were absolutely atrocious. What a disappointment.

Germany got the -1 handicap win over Denmark. Went as I thought. Their counter is solid, and the only worry is their finishing. If they can sort that out they are going to take this tournament. The organization of their defense and the patience they show is top notch.

We move onto June 30th.

England vs Slovakia Bet:

Oh god. Do I really have to analyze the English, and relive their 270 minutes of “football”? Please don’t make me do that.

Anyway yeah. They made it. It wasn’t fun, but they came through unbeaten.

Slovakia nabbed the win over Belgium, lost to Ukraine in a close one, and got the draw against Romania.

One thing I am questioning is if Slovakia can score. I mean crap – they have to right? I don’t rate Englands defense. They’re getting the shots. But looking at it their xG is below 1 in every game.

England are so frustrating too because they have so much talent but it just isn’t being used well. But you keep thinking right Southgate is going to change it up.

I hate myself for this but going with England -1 at 2.25 odds. Similar thinking to the Germany game.

Spain vs Georgia Bet:

Spain qualified with a perfect record and are yet to concede a goal. Georgia bounced back from the opeing loss to draw with the Czechs then get the win over Portugal.

I think the dream for Georgia ends here. I’m looking forward to this one though because Georgia rack up a lot of xG so it will be interesting seeing how this one goes, and how the Spanish defense holds up to it.

I’m going with a doozy – over 3.00 odds and only available on Patreon.