F1 Italian Grand Prix 2016 Betting Tips

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The Italian Grand Prix takes place this weekend in the Formula 1,

One of the most historic events in the F1 season, the Italian Grand Prix first took place in 1921. Fittingly, the most wins are by the Italians Ferrari, although the most driver wins is 5 by Michael Schumacher. The most Italian wins is by Alberto Ascari back in the early 50s with 3.

Of the current crop both Vettel and Hamilton have the most wins at 3. This is one circuit where Rosberg has actually never won here. Lewis Hamilton has won it the last two years and looked good in practise too.

Lewis Hamilton won’t be taking an engine penalty now he’s got another three billion in the system. Don’t you just love F1 rules? The Italian Grand Prix of course always follows the Spa and with similar track characteristics, whoever does well there tend to do very well at the Italian Grand Prix.

It should be a fun race. Let’s get to the betting tips:

Italian Grand Prix Winner:

I’m not going to bet on it but I’d advise NOT betting Hamilton. Yeah he seems the sure thing but the price of 8/15 is brutal considering what can happen in the F1 – and also what’s happened this season. To be honest I may have a small flutter on Sebastian Vettel at 14/1. Nothing huge but he knows this circuit well and the price is insane really.

Podium Finish: Sebastian Vettel

Ferrari had quite a poor race in the Spa – thanks for that Max – but you have to look beyond that and look at their pace in practise. Honestly if things had gone better they could have challenged the Mercedes for the overall win. Looking at the conditions and tyre choices it’s all virtually the same as last time, so bar any disasters Vettel should at least get on the podium here I think.

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Points Finish: Fernando Alonso

I have to say that I really like the gains Honda have made with their engine package. They really are significant and while they’re not the fastest by any means, they can more then hold their own with the likes of Williams and Force India. I see Alonso getting more finishes in the points and I’m hoping he does it in this race.

Long Shot Bet:

My weekly long shot bet – although I do have one already with Vettel I guess. But I’m going to go for the whopping 22/1 odds of Max Verstappen as the first driver to retire.

I’m sure the odds of that happening are better than 22/1. I mean Verstappen is fast and reckless, and not to be cruel but he’s due a huge accident. He’s got a really interesting approach to defending and all that together make it very possible he’s the first one to retire. This track is good for that too because Monza really has a nice chicane at the end of the start finish straight, which is perfect for any driver getting in trouble.

And to be honest – I’d bank on Verstappen being that driver.