F1 Malaysian Grand Prix 2015 Betting Tips

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Wow was it ever good to have the Formula 1 back eh?

The only disappointment really was Hamilton and Rosberg looking like nothing has changed, with none of the other cars coming close to them. The McLaren F1 was also a concern, although Button has really been talking it up this week. What kills me is he’s talking it up yet admitting it won’t beat any other of the cars that they fell behind in the last race. Sometimes you have to question what the bloody point is.

Anyway – it’s the Malaysian Grand Prix this year, at the Sepang International Circuit. Last year, Lewis Hamilton started in pole position and stayed the whole way until the end, with a big win. Last year also saw that great battle between Hulkenberg and Alonso to see who could come fourth. Alonso and the fresh tyres, thanks to the 2 pit strategy, won that one.

Nico Rosberg came 2nd, and Sebastian Vettel came 3rd.

Let’s see what betting tips we have for y’all this week in the Formula 1:

Podium Finish: Massa

We’re going to take the WIlliams driver Felipe Massa for a podium finish this time around. He came close to it 2 weeks ago, with a 4th place in the Australian Grand Prix where he looked bloody solid.

Really with it being all about the cars at the moment, it’s between Bottas and Massa for that 3rd place. Bottas IS declared fit to race from what we see – but he’s not going to be 100%. And let’s be honest the Malaysian Grand Prix is one race where you NEED to be at 100%. It’s a tough race to endure, and Bottas won’t be up to the task. Massa should have the edge, and you should take him for the podium finish in the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Top 6 Finish: Grosjean

This one’s a bit riskier. I mean – Lotus have yet to complete a freaking racing lap. However we also analyze the practise data and the qualifying data, and they’ve really stood out to us. Their pace is there, and if they are able to finish this race they should be finishing it in the top 6. We’d be very surprised if they did not. You could flip a coin, but we feel Romain Grosjean is the better driver of the two when it comes to this particular course layout.

Points Finish: Verstappen

FInally, we’ll take Max Verstappen, the youngster, to finish in the points. This early in the season, he’s someone we really should look at when it comes to points finishes as he is fast enough, that he should be able to get quite a few of them. This race in particular – he has a great reputation as being a very solid wet weather driver, which should come in handy in this race. So take Verstappen for the points finish.