Golf Tips & CFL Week 3

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It’s Wednesday and that means we’ll be covering the golf and CFL as per usual.

I skipped last weeks golf as I just wasn’t feeling it. Was quite a different Tuesday for me that’s for sure.

Usually I sit down to do my work and I end up pouring over spreadsheets and databases etc for about 10 hours. I have to look through so many golfers etc and so much data about them.

Occasionally that doesn’t happen. Last Tuesday I started looking through it all and was just like “Meh”. I just wasn’t feeling it. So I decided to take a break from the golf and refresh myself for this week.

Which is great and all – but man does it make the weekends boring. I’m so used to watching golf and while I still did I just wasn’t anywhere near into it as I should have been.

Anyway on with this week and a lot of bets.

Let’s get to it:

Greenbrier Classic

I’m on 3 players here with my main bets then 4 longshots.

The 3 main players are Webb Simpson, Danny lee and Ted Potter Jr.

Those 3 are based on the usual metrics for the most part. They’re all only 1/4 unit plays to win and E/W. All three of them have had great performances on this course and with it being refreshed I think they may all do an even better job here. Ted Potter Jr. has been slumming it on the lately but I went back and watched him and I think he may have what it takes here.

I’m also taking a final 1/4 unit bet and splitting it over 4 golfers. This is basically a “Why not” bet. The previous odds of winners of this tournament have been insane – 500/1, 100/1 etc. So I figured I’d pick 4 longshots and hope for the best.

Just small bets on all of these: Smylie Kaufman, Spencer Levin, Johnson Wagner, Scott Brown.

For each pick I do have slight reasoning but nothing notable – it’s more just like buying a lotto ticket.

Irish Open:

A similar one here to be honest – I have my reasoning for these guys but nothing too strong. More a focus on their Par 4/5 performance and I’m gambling that that will help them succeed on this course.

I’ve got 1/2 unit to win on Hideki Matsuyama, and a 1/2 unit to win & E/W on Tommy Fleetwood.

Finally 4 1/4 unit bets to win and E/W on Jon Rahm, Brandon Stone, David Lipsky and Dean Burmester.

I’ve also got 3 small bets in the – all to win and E/W. Rhein Gibson, Sebastian Cappelan, Denny McCarthy.

CFL Week 3 Betting Tips

I’ve got just 2 bets in the CFL this week.

I’m taking the Redblacks -5. I’ve enjoyed their performances so far. I wasn’t really rating them at the beginning of the season but they’ve shown against the CFLs best team – the Stampeders – that they can roll with the best. So I’m thinking they rock the Argonauts here who returned to their expected form last week.

Finally I’m on Lions -2.5. Alouettes just don’t have the offense to match B.C. and while their defense is strong I think the Lions will roll all over them.