January 21st, 2015 Betting Tips: NBA & NHL

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First of all I apologize – we were asleep at the wheel when it came to the golf this week. The Qatar Masters has already started before we were able to get any betting tips in. Apologizes for that.

However we do have the Humana Challenge that starts tomorrow, as well as the return of the Champions Tour where we’ve had most of our success, with the Mitsubishi Electric Championship.

We will be doing betting tips for both of those tournaments and they will be posted later on tonight – Wednesday. So be sure to tune into the site then to get those betting tips.

This is of course the last day of NHL for a few days, then the NHL is off on the all-star break. Always sad to be without hockey for a few days but we will survive with plenty of other sports to talk about and tip.

Let’s get to todays betting tips:

NHL Betting Tips for January 21st:

The big one is the Battle of Ontario between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators.

Always a passionate game, but we’re going to take passion out of it at the moment and just bet based on the way both teams play. Sure it’s the big one and the Leafs will theoretically be fighting like crazy – but man, Toronto have been just piss poor lately and we can’t see it changing. Ottawa meanwhile, are really starting to click.

We’re going to go with a risky bet of Senators -1.5 in this one. We just think that if the Leafs can’t pick themselves up – and that’s a big IF – then the Senators should walk out easy winners. Basically it’s a low risk, high reward scenario.

We’ll also be taking Under 5.5 in the Avs vs Bruins game. You have two top goalies on board here, and neither team really lights it up with the goals. This should be a relatively quiet game and we just can’t see there being 6 goals in it – trust us, we’ve ran evey scenario possible!

NBA Betting Tips for January 21st:

It’s the battle of the crap, as the 76ers host the Knicks. Both teams go into this one as a pick-em, and we will be taking the 76ers.

Yes the Knicks do have momentum after that New Orleans victory – but they’re playing Philly at the wrong time. I know the Knicks – as crazy as it sounds they’re going to go into this one cocky and overconfident. And I can’t believe I’m saying this about Philly – but I expect Philly to totally outwork them here, and pick up a nice little victory.

We’ll also be taking the Timberwolves +8, a line that we feel is slightly diluted due to the Mavs last road win. It makes sense of course but it’s still quite the impact and a short term move that we don’t think is favourable. Yeah the Bimerwolves have been very poor at home, but we like them to bounce back after that mauling by the Bobcats. That was a serious bad one, and we just think they have what it takes to bounce back.

It honestly feels like one of those bizarro NBA games where they end up winning.