January 25th, 2018 Betting Tips: NBA, College Basketball

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The All-Star selections are out and one of the big snubs has to be Paul George. While the Thunder don’t quite have the record that many expected, George has been really great this season and has to be considered one of the top defenders in the West. You can make an argument that the Thunder don’t deserve two All-Stars based on their record, but you could definitely say the same thing about the Pelicans.

You’d think this would piss him off, but it’s actually had a different result: it’s strengthened his resolve and loyalty to Russell Westbrook. Russ has come out strong that this was a snub and has hid George’s back. Paul George has really responded to it and it’s starting to feel as if George could return to the Thunder when his contract is up this summer. Imagine that, an All-Star snub being the cause of George not bolting to LA.

NBA Betting Tips:

The thing is, the Thunder are starting to play like the team we expected them to be. They are 5th in Defensive Rating and have won five straight heading into tonight’s game against the Wizards. Washington has been a disappointment this year (shocking, I know) and haven’t fared well on the road. With an emboldened George, Russell Westbrook and the great defense, it’s hard not to like the Thunder -5 tonight. Throw in the fact that this is a national TV game and I’d call it my lock of the night.

The Nuggets at home. That is one of my favorite picks in basketball because of the unique elevation in Denver and their outstanding 17-6 record at home. Today they draw the Knicks who are just getting Porzingis back from injury and are on a 3-7 run. This is the sixth game of a seven-game road trip for them and it’s hard to see how this is going to go well for them. Denver is one of the toughest places to play in the NBA and the Knicks are terrible on the road. Simple. Denver -5 is a great play tonight.

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College Basketball Betting Tips:

I’ve been burned going against Purdue before, but tonight is a weird one for me. They are going against Michigan and are a whopping ten point favorite. Michigan has a 17-5 record while Purdue is 19-2. It’s not like this is a non-conference game. These two teams played on January 9th and that game was decided by a single point. Michigan could’ve won that game. The home court advantage is real in college basketball, but not this real. Give me Michigan +10 here. Purdue should win, but Michigan will put up a fight.

I love Arizona this season, but the line on tonight’s game against Colorado is completely out of whack. The line is Colorado +14 when they just had a game decided by three earlier this month. In the last three seasons, the Wildcats have beaten this team by 14 once (and it was exactly 14). Arizona just doesn’t blow out Colorado and they won’t tonight.

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