Jets vs Canadiens Advanced Metrics Series Analysis

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The North Division is FINALLY settled as the Montreal Canadiens defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs over 7 games.

It was a big, big upset and it was absolutely freaking glorious. So goddamn great to see. Suck it Leafs.

So now we have the Montreal Canadiens taking on the Winnipeg Jets to see who will progress to the murder that is the next round.

As per usual I will look at the matchups between the teams, and look at the advanced metrics to analyze.

Let’s get to it:

Jets vs Canadiens Advanced Metrics Analysis:

Results wise, the Jets were generally the better team against the Montreal Canadiens.

Looking at the advanced metrics – even in games where the Habs were the best, it didn’t mean they would win. The February 27th game and teh March 4th game for example. Habs were better across the board there in most metrics and lost both games.

Where the Habs normally struggle – no surprise – is xG.

Of course, in Habs vs Leafs, goaltending was a factor. The Jets had no real problem beating Price.

I just look at the advanced metrics and I feel the Jets overall are the better team. Yes we said that with the Leafs and look what happened.

The Habs offense was similar in playoffs as it was in regular season against Toronto.

What impressed me though was the Winnipeg playoffs and how they adjusted to Edmonton. They did an excellent job there. They also fought hard when it counted. They showed a lot of fight etc. They also had to rely on some solid goaltending but were able to figure out how to beat the Oilers.

I think that will be similar. Jets know the Habs strengths and weaknesses. We’re basically getting a bettable price on the Jets purely due to Carey Price. I love Price but I’m happy to take them at these odds based on the metrics.

Jets To Win The Series

Canada: Best Odds: 1.74 at 50% to $1000 Welcome Bonus

USA: Best Odds: -135 at 50% to $1000 Welcome Bonus

Everyone Else: Best Odds: 1.74 at 50% to $1000 Welcome Bonus

(Odds correct as of 2021/06/02 10:41:17 AM EST but are subject to change.)