July 21st, 2018 Soccer Betting Tips

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Welcome to the first official “Daily Soccer Tips” on BetSoccer.ca!

The 2018 World Cup is behind us. It was an excellent tournament but any tournament where England lose is always considered excellent to me! I’m now looking forward to providing daily soccer tips.

Many of you will know me from my other sites such as BetNHL.ca, NBATips.net, GolfBettingTips.org etc but let me tell you I’m more excited to be providing tips on soccer than any other sport. I’ve been a football fan since before I could walk. I mean there’s pictures of 2 month old me in a Celtic top in the Jungle at Parkhead! Of course that was before I rebeled against my Celtic fan dad and left the dark side.

Not a day goes by that I don’t have at least one bet on soccer. During the day I’ll chuck DAZN or another sports network on, start watching a random game and place a bet on it. At night at the pub I’ll be on Bet365, picking a random game that’s in play and making bets on it juts for fun.

One thing you need to know however is that betting soccer and tipping soccer are two different things entirely. Just like any other sport. When I bet football games for myself it’s only me that wins or loses money and it’s not a big deal as I’m prepared to lose that money. However tipping it is another animal entirely as I know people will be relying on my opinion.

So first of all don’t just trust me blindly when I tip things. Be sure to look at what I say but then make up your own mind. Try and find conflicting opinions etc. The other thing is it may take me a little bit to get in the swing of things. I’m nervous to start with honestly as it’s hard to get started and it sucks getting off to a losing start but it happens. You should see me during the week leading up to the NHL season. I’m sweating bullets, constantly discussing each game over and over with Scott and we’re both watching those first games with ants in our pants.

The other thing is I’m not 100% sure how to chronicle the daily soccer tips. I’m thinking 1-3 tips per day then a couple of accumulators to start with and we’ll see how things go basically but the format may change. For the month of July consider this a beta testing phase and it won’t be until August where things really kick off.

With that said let’s get tips up and running and any feedback on everything I appreciate. Just going to tip the one game today while I get in the swing of things I’ll start expanding it more as we go on.

Scottish League Cup: Dundee Utd vs Alloa Betting Tips

It’s been a shocking start for Dundee Utd in the Scottish League Cup as they’re struggling so far in Group A. They opened with a 1-1 draw against Arboath losing on penalties, before losing to Ross County 1-0 after an 85th minute goal.

Alloa have only played the one game where they beat Arbroath 4-2.

Dundee Utd need the win here. They have been unlucky especially in the Ross County game where Clark saw his penalty and the rebound saved. They may have Curran, King and Aird back as well which is nice.

The Alloa result was nice for them but it was a bit crazy as they got off to a huge start going up 2-0 nice and early and were able to control the game from there.

I think we’ll see more of a solid attack from Dundee Utd here and they’ll be out to prove a point.

I’m backing Dundee Utd -1 Asian handicap for 1u at 1.975 odds for 1 unit. You can bet that at https://www.Bovada.lv

(Odds on this page are correct as of 2018/07/20 1:49:16 PM EST but are subject to change)

“Easy” Treble of the Day:

  • Atlanta United to win @ 1.36 (MLS)
  • Motherwell to win @ 1.36 (Betfred Cup)
  • Livingston to win @ 1.25 (Betfred Cup)
  • Total: 2.32 odds at https://www.Bovada.lv