July 31st, 2018 MLB Betting Tips

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A 3-0 record last night.

That’s 8-1 since Saturday. Feels like we are definitely getting back on track here.

We had the Red Sox over the Phillies and while this took a lot longer than I expected, the Red Sox managed to pull this one off in 13 innings. While the Braves had a lead for most of the game, they only won by two and this was a nail biter to the end. Our final tip was the Rangers/Diamondbacks over and they did that easily. A nice night.

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Los Angeles Angels vs. Tampa Bay Rays Betting Tips:

I am really liking Tyler Skaggs in this match-up against the Rays. He has a 2.62 ERA/2.95 FIP on the season and has actually been a better pitcher in his road starts. While the Rays have hit lefties well this year, they are a bit cold of late and Skaggs could really rack up some strikeouts against them.

The Rays have depleted their pitching through trades and this one will be a bullpen game for them. The Angels are a red hot offense with a 137 wRC+ over their past 14 days. They have hit righties very well this season and I think they’ll do well here.

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Cincinnati Reds vs. Detroit Tigers Betting Tips:

The Reds have been one of the top offenses in the game against left handed pitchers this season and I love today’s match-up against Matt Boyd. He had a nice July, but I think he’s pretty much what his stats say he is. A 4.53 ERA/4.00 FIP starter that the Reds could hit today.

What can I say about the Tigers? I don’t think they are good. Homer Bailey is nothing special, but the Tigers offense could make him look great. They have a team wRC+ of 77 which is worst in baseball with a .660 OPS. There is not much to be afraid of with this offense and the Reds could roll here. I’m surprised to see that they weren’t an overwhelming favorite here as they are a truly dangerous offense against lefties.

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Minnesota Twins vs. Cleveland Indians Betting Tips:

Trevor Bauer is one of the best pitchers in all of baseball this year. That feels weird to say, but he has a ultra low 2.32 ERA/2.25 FIP on the year and is striking out nearly 12 per nine. I like his match-up against the Twins who have weakened themselves by trading Eduardo Escobar. Minnesota is really cold at the plate of late with an 81 wRC+ over the last 14 days. They have a 98 wRC+ against righties on the year so they aren’t exactly a huge threat to Bauer.

I’ve gotten burned going against Kyle Gibson before, but his numbers aren’t as good as Bauer’s and his bullpen has gotten weaker. The Indians have a 135 wRC+ over the past two weeks and are absolutely killing it right now. They hit righties well and they’ve made their place in the AL by beating up on weaker AL Central opponents. That is the Twins in a nutshell.

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