March 19th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

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A rare losing night in March as we went 0-2.

Apologies again BTW for no tips on Sunday. One thing I’ve learned though is you don’t mess with ocular migranes ha. I was all pumped for a day of sports and instead I just lay in a darkened room for hours. Not quite as fun as a day of NBA but oh well.

We had the Thunder -5. It was one of those thigns where we felt the Thunder couldn’t drop three straight especially with this one being at home and their weak performance against the Warriors. Alas that was not the case as the Heat quite simply were the better team.

We also took the Celtics at home and they blew it there. Not sure what the Celtics are up to these days but a lot of their performances – especially at home – have been so weird lately. They seem to have lost their mojo on home court. Not the type of thing you want going into the playoffs.

Six games on the slate tonight.

76ers vs Hornets Betting Tips:

Joel Embiid is out for the 76ers. They are resting him tonight however they are still taking this one seriously with Jimmy Butler and Ben Simmons in.

The Hornets are battling for that final playoff spot. However really look at their form lately – they just don’t seem like a team that deserve it. And the Heat game was an absolute killer for them.

If they’re able to man up in this game? Then hey props to them. But they haven’t been too great at bouncing back and they can’t string wins together. Their schedule has been tough of course but that Heat loss was a crushing one to their playoff hopes.

Like I said Philly are without Embiid. But that doesn’t scare me like it usually does. After that big Bucks win it’s possible they phone it in today. However they are a team that are playing well at the moment.

After the way the Hornets collapsed against the Heat, I just have to bet against them here. If they show up or if Philly takes it easy and are focused on tomorrow nights game? Well that’s just the risk of basketball betting.

https://www.Bovada.lv76ers -1.5