March 6th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

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I should have known never to trust those lousy Raptors.

What a brutal first half performance that was by them. As someone who lives in Canada I really do try and cheer for the Raps but I just can’t. Games like that are why – a big game with an electric atmosphere and they just blow it.

The bench was absolutely brutal and that was very disappointing to see. Raps already seem like a team focused on the playoffs. Going to be interesting to see how things go there.

Lin is honestly a liability and it’s time to call that experiment a failure and move the heck on.

I hate the Raps ha.

Alright Wednesday, March 6th and we’ve got a busy night of games going on. Let’s get to it:

Pistons vs Timberwolves Betting Tips:

The Pistons are running hot at the moment and they had a great game against the Raptors.

I’m just hoping they can keep that up as they host the Minnesota Timberwolves.

They seem to be clicking more and everything working out well. Blake Griffin isn’t AS important a factor in the team and that’s working out better. He’s moving the ball around more and everyone else is producing. Andre Drummond is in beast mode at the moment and that’s nice to see.

Timberwolves got a great victory over the Thunder last night but the 2nd leg of a back to back and have to travel isn’t fun – especially when you have to travel to Detroit. Man wgo would want to go there?

Timberwolves have struggled on the road in recent times and I like that to continue tonight.

https://www.Bovada.lvPistons -5

Despite the big slate today, that’s the only game I really like. Some tricky lines out there and some iffy games. Very close to taking 76ers -5 but Joel Embiid is out again and I do wonder how much effort we’ll see from them in their remaining 18 games. They’re picking up a few injuries that make a team think “eh” when it goes to pushing it.