May 24th, 2015 Betting Tips: NHL & NBA

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Holy moley – we hope everyone watched UFC 187 last night.

What a freaking tremendous show it was. The prelims? Eh. Nothing too great there. But once it got to the main card every single match rocked.

Benavidez vs Moraga was a fun match. Benavidez won 30-27 which was correct – but every round was so close as well. Not close enough you could call it Moragas round – but close enough to remain a contest.

Arlovski vs Browne was tremendous, and we had Arlovski to take that one which was just a great, great fight. Holy crap it’s nice to see Arlovski grew a chin again. Cerrone vs Makdessi was quite fun – it was a real intense, physical battle and while it wasn’t up to some of Cerrones matches – those boys were hard hitting.

Weidman vs Belfort went sadly as expected. Belfort got the flurry in but it resulted in nothing. The key to that was Weidman and some expert blocking. He blocked practically every punch from Belfort and that’s something that is really underrated about UFC these days – the blocking aspect.

Cormier vs Johnson went as we were thinking – except Cormier really stood out. He took some hard freaking punches and survived, and he was very aggressive too. We were hoping he’d do it by decision but he won with a rear naked choke in the 3rd round.

Great fight.

Yesterday we had a win with Hibs beating Glasgow Rangers. Boy was that a tight one but they did it.

We’ve also cashed with Miguel Angel Jimenez in the BMW PGA Championship as he does it again! And we had a cash with Felipe Nasr in the F1 Monaco. Sadly we lost the Bottas and Verstappen bets, but Nasr and his cash made it a breakeven race and really – that’s what we want at least.

It’s May 24th, 2015 let’s see what we got tonight:

NHL Betting Tips:

The New York Rangers take on the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight. It’s going to be a huge game and you have to wonder if the Rangers momentum will carry over. Thing is we think you can’t count the Lightning out, and this game seriously is a coinflip just like every other game will be. Remember Tampa won 2 games in amazing fashion – and while the Rangers looked great in Game 4 – the odds aren’t justified. Take the Lightning at 2.20 odds.

NBA Betting Tips:

In the NBA Playoffs this evening, the Hawks go to Cleveland where the point spread is 9. That’s just way too much. We know Cleveland have killed the Hawks big time – and the line makes sense in that regard. But 9 points is a lot and the Hawks will be throwing everything at them.

We do think Cavs win, but we’ll say it will be more like 5 points. The 9 points is just too much.