May 31st, 2015 Betting Tips: WWE Elimination Chamber 2015

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We have the Stanley Cup Finals determined, the NBA Final determined – it’s going to be a great June.

Of course before we enter June, we have to round out May. Tonight we’re going to do a special on just the WWE Elimination Chamber. Yes – you can bet on wrestling. It’s actually easy money. Even though the bets are limited to risking $50 or winning $50 – we’ve actually made over $5,000 in the last couple of years betting on the wrestling.

We’ve actually got quite a few bets for you too. If you’re not sure where to bet wrestling – we bet it at 888 (Americans try BetOnline).

Let’s get to it:

Elimination Chamber 2015 Betting Tips:

In the main event, we’re going to take Dean Ambrose +500 over Seth Rollins. WWE have another big show taking place in 2 weeks – Money in the Bank. It seems logical to have Ambrose involved in one way or another in the main event of that one – as 2 weeks to build up a contender is tough to do. Especially after the way they wrote off Orton and Reigns chances for the next little while.

We think there’s a very good possibility that Ambrose can win this one via DQ or countout. Big Show could return to interefere, or Rollins could continue the chickenshit heel aspect of his gimmick and just walk out. Either way – some decent value here.

We also like The New Day -180 to win the Tag Title Elimination Chamber. They are really being protected as of late and made to look like big stars. They’ve just really started to take off – and they are a team that really need the titles at this point to stay strong. We just can’t see any of the other teams getting them. Kidd/Cesaro had them for awhile but they’ve got their own face turn going on -and they will be stronger as challengers.

We also like Naomi +130 in the Divas Title match. WWE seem to always love Tamina, and out of the three women competing Naomi is the one that needs the title the most.

In the big one – we think John Cena -190 is worth a play. Owens winning would be awesome – but we think there is a much better chance, and far more likely that this match sees John Cena winning either by interference – Owens has his fair share of enemies – or by Owens winning by DQ after beating the crap out of Cena with a chair or something.

Finally in the Intercontinental Title Match, we like The Field vs Sheamus. There are just so many contenders in this match that it’s hard to justify Sheamus at those odds. We could make a case for practically everyone in this match. Practically everyone that is. Even if you held a gun to our head – we couldn’t sit here and justify R-Truth winning it by any means. Although holy crap – we hope he does.

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