May 31st, 2018 MLB Betting Tips

A 3-1 record last night that was oh so close to an undefeated one.

I really thought we had it when the Rockies were up 4-2 heading into the top of the fifth inning. Three outs and we had the win, but Jon Gray got hit and it was not meant to be. Still, a winning night is a winning night though.

Max Scherzer was awesome as he went eight innings against the Orioles. The offense had me worried for a bit as this one was 1-0 late and we laid the runs, but they came through with another one and the Nats shut it down.

Speaking of awesome, that’s what Corey Kluber was against the White Sox with a 10 strikeout performance. This was my favorite kind of game as the Indians offense simply erupted and there was no sweating involved. A 9-1 win for Cleveland.

Things got a bit too close for comfort in the ninth for Boston against the Jays, but Craig Kimbrel came in to shut things down and finish off the win. How about that JD Martinez homerun?

Wow. Just wow.

A nice day all around and good to stay winning.

Not a lot that I am loving on today’s slate, but I did manage to find one game that I am interested in. That’s right, only one pick. I know, I don’t believe it either.

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Cleveland Indians vs. Minnesota Twins Betting Tips:

The Indians are starting to heat up on offense. Over the past two weeks they have a .774 OPS while the Twins have a .609 OPS over that same stretch. They have a .744 OPS on the season against righties and tonight face Jake Odorizzi who has been hit for 1.82 HR/9 on the year. His 3.34 ERA/5.05 FIP reeks of regression and I think the Indians will hit him hard today.

The Twins offense against righties has just a .692 OPS on the year and faces the debuting Shane Bieber today. It’s always a bit of a risk to take a rookie pitcher, but I love this match-up for him. He’s done a good job keeping the ball on the ground and doesn’t give up a lot of walks. The unknown quality of his performance has really helped the line here as I think it would be much higher with one of their regular starters in the rotation. Take the gift they are giving you, bet the Indians.

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