NBA & NHL Bets: Dec 18, 2019

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I covered every NHL game yesterday and came out with 5 picks. We ended up 3-2 for a profit there. Not bad considering one was a pure value play on the Sabres at +165 odds.

It was a fun night of NHL action.

Vin had the Lakers -4 IF Davis played. He didn’t so nothing there as the Lakers streak ended. He took the loss with Temple who lost to Miami, however got the win with the Coyotes in the NHL.

I’ll be covering todays sports action which is the NBA and NHL.

Let us get to it:

NHL Bets: Dec 18, 2019

As is typical for Wednesdays, it is a quiet evening. Only three games as the New Jersey Devils open the night hosting the Anaheim Ducks. Later on we have the Chicago Blackhawks hosting the Colorado Avalanche. Finally we have the Edmonton Oilers hoping to get a winning run together as they play St. Louis.

Ducks at Devils: The Taylor Hall saga is finally over, as he was traded to the Arizona Coyotes. Now they host the Ducks who have started an East Coast road trip and fell short against Philly as I predicted. With the coaching change at the Devils, they were able to get the win over the Coyotes. Now with Hall gone will that help or hinder them?

I think it’ll help. However not enough to back them. No bet for me but if you are looking for one I think the Devils will take this now they’ve put the Hall situation behind them.

Avalanche at Blackhawks: The Blackhawks are a team that you just can’t predict. Their offense won’t show up for a few games then they’ll go out there and score for fun as if they’re going up against an empty net. Avs coming off that loss to the Blues after a big point streak. It’s a risky one but I think Blackhawks have value. Their offense seems to be a coinflip at the moment and so we are getting the right side of the coinflip if we take the Blackhawks here.

Oilers at Blues: Blues are an excellent team and they bounced back after that three game losing streak and have beat three tough oppositions in the Avs, offensive Blackhawks and Knights. I mentioned coinflips above and I think it’s the same with the Oilers – you can bet for or against them depending on what side they lie. So best take the Oilers here.

NBA Bets for December 18th, 2019

I’ve got two plays that are player dependent.

Raps -5 if Drummond doesn’t play. Andre Drummond has missed the last two games. I think that has been a huge factor for the Pistons and they are completely lost without him. Not a surprise he has this much of an impact of course but it’s really driven it home – they just don’t have a defense when Drummond is out. Raps look like they have a good system going and I like them to rock a lead early and hold on.

Celtics -2 if Tatum is playing. The boy has a sinus infection so we’ll see. Massive game for the Celtics as they try to end their two game losing streak. Mavs coming off that win over the Bucks but different style of play etc in my opinion with the way Celtics are more balanced.