NFL 2021 Week 1 Betting Tips: Late Games

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In today’s post, I will be covering the late games taking place for the NFL this week.

That is the games taking place on Sunday afternoon at 425pm est approx, and then Sunday night football.

I’ve already covered the early games in another post.

I’ll do some analysis tomorrow on the big Monday Night Football game.

First a big warning – I have zero freaking tips for these! I don’t know that going in of course. I go through it and write my thoughts and if I am happy with one I tip it. In this case, I had absolutely nothing. I do have leans and one personal bet but nothing else I would advise.

Lets get to it:

NFL Betting Tips Week 1 – Late Games:

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Chiefs vs Browns Betting Tips:

The Chiefs are just 5.5 point favourites here. These two last faced off in the divisional round and the Chiefs won 22-17. Wonder how Mahomes will be after that absolute murder he took in the Super Bowl. My god that was something.

Browns were a hell of a team last season and I really enjoyed watching them. A lot of fun. Considering the talent on the Chiefs, anything under a touchdown is always appealing.

I lean Chiefs in all honesty but I am seeing too much pro-Browns comments to back it fully. No bet.

Giants vs Broncos Betting Tips:

Giants are 3 point underdogs here. So straight up – even though I hate the Giants, this year I almost feel like they could be a sleeper pick. I don’t know why – I’ve just convinced myself that with the offensive weapons they have, Danny Dimes can have a better go of it even with that OL.

This probably isn’t the game for it though with Engram out, and Golladay struggling.

With Bridgewater there we should see more from Jeudy I hope. Lock was just terrible. Giants remember had a better second half to the season last year and it’s a big one for Jones.

I lean Broncos here, but no official tip, unfortunately.

Saints vs Packers Betting Tips:

Packers are 3.5 point favourites. Saints better against the pass these days. Pass rush could be good. Tough matchup for Rodgers potentially. Saints going with Winston. That could be……something.

I have so many questions about this game. Winston of course. A pissed off Rodgers. Kamara should feast but I wonder how he will be with Winston at the helm. This is one I have to pass on.

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Patriots vs Dolphins Betting Tips:

My New England Patriots are 3 point favourites as they take on Tua and the Dolphins.

Big potential step up year for Tua and with Fuller and Waddle added that is very nice for him. Fuller not here until next week of course. Austin Jackson was activated which means he can play and is great news for Miami.

Waddle will likely have a tough time against J.C. Jackson. I’ll be honest this is one where I don’t even have a lean. I’ve no idea how this one is going to turn out and I’ll be watching this one very closely.

Rams vs Bears Betting Tips:

In the Sunday night game, the Rams are 7.5 point favourites against the Chicago Bears.

Bears are going with Andy Dalton who better get his arse in gear because Justin Fields is chomping at the bit to get in there it sounds like.

Matt Stafford as QB I am very curious about and excited to see. A-Rob will have a tough one against Ramsay. Woods and Kupp should feed.

This is one where I don’t have an official tip but much like the Cowboys game will be making a personal bet on Rams -7.5. Reason for that is primarily just wanting to cheer on Stafford. Taking more than a touchdown in Week 1 is a bit risky to me. I also think there is good opportunity for Stafford here and the Bears defense isn’t anywhere near what it once was.

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