NFL 2021 Week 10: Late Game Bets

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Hi everyone,

I already covered the early NFL Games in another post.

In this one I will cover the late games.

Four afternoon games, then the big SNF game with Chiefs at Raiders.

Let’s get right into it:

Cardinals vs Panthers:

Cards 10.5 point favourites here. Still cant believe the 9ers succumbed to them. P.J. Walker starting here. Feel like Cards get the win but 10.5 points with injuries and against CMC? No thanks.

Chargers vs Vikings:

Vikings 3 point dogs here. Cousins struggling a bit going into this one. Herbert looked great against Eagles but this is a tough defense.

I rate the Vikings here and going with Vikings -3. Vikings defense I think will be the winners here.

Broncos vs Eagles:

Broncos 2 point favourites in a game I really don’t care about. Eagles have switched to purel run this season. I think that will help them here.

Broncos may come in over confident after that Cowboys win. Yeah I like Eagles +2 for the slight upset as they win outright.

Packers vs Seahawks:

With Wilson likely back and Rodgers who knows what is going on – I’m quite happy to skip this one. Rodgers could go crazy here and if he does so be it but too man questions for me.

Raiders vs Chiefs:

Raiders with the Ruggs situ hovering over them succumbed to the Giants. I know the Chiefs are struggling hard – and Mahomes is brutal right now – but man I always like primetime Mahomes.

Raiders have a great pass defense at the moment and Carr chopped on them last year. But I still think Mahomes & co get it done. Chiefs -2.5

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