NFL Bets January 15 & 16, 2023

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Hell of a day of football yesterday.

49ers vs Seahawks was close as I expected – right up until that fumble. Soon as that happened, the game completely changed and the Seahawks looked like they gave up as an organization. Pity that as it was a really good game until that point.

They used Metcalf like crazy in that one as well unfortunately and he went well over in receiving yards.

Jags were able to get the win which I was hoping for – and what an insane game that was. Just mental – what a comeback.

Alas when it came to the player prop I went with the wrong call. It was either under 52.5 rushing yards or over 37.5 receiving yards for Ekeler. He went under in rushing yards, but got nowhere in receiving yards.

Three games today let’s see if I can get things going with the player props.

Bills vs Dolphins:

I mean it probably isn’t even worth touching this point spread is it? Bills probably cover the way things are going but 14? No thanks.

I’m going with Diggs Over 77.5 Receiving Yards in this one. In their last two matchups this season he was held below that and Howard did a great job against him particularly in that last one – but I think he is going to have a big performance here and be leaned on.

Vikings vs Giants:

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Bengals vs Ravens:

For this one I’m going to take the Bengals to cover the 8.5. They just look like they are rolling. In theory Baltimore will have no pressure but I mean without Lamar I would be surprised if they can do anything against this Bengals machine.

I like Chase to have a big game. I’m tempted by player receptions over 6.5 but am going with Over 78.5. This is one game where I’ll bet more on the point spread I think though than the prop.

Cowboys vs Bucs:

I still have nightmares about week 1 when I loved the Cowboys huge. I knew the Bucs were not a patch on the team they were, and they showed that during the season. But Dallas played scared football in that one.

For this one I am solely betting on Cowboys -2.5. With the quality they have, they should not be losing this one. Fool me once and all that, but the Cowboys I feel are just a better overall team and should get the win – and hopefully cover!