NFL Player Props: Week 12, 2022

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It was 1-2 with the props on Thursday and quite frustrating.

The Bills barely used Diggs for a large part of the game. When they did use him it worked out as predicted. Just a lack of early usage cost us there.

That Schultz one I was raging at. I said he would be dangerous against the Giants and he proved that with two TDs but Prescott barely looked at him until the last part of the game so he couldn’t quite get the yardage. Not sure if in retrospect backing him to get a TD would have been better or not.

Mac prop came in.

Commanders vs Falcons:

Not that he likes to throw anyway but Mariota probably not going to throw much here against an improving Washington pass D. I feel like we see Heinicke have a good passing game. Over/under set at 213.5. Only went over that once against the Colts though with a very low completion rate.

Actually I quite like McLaurins yard count for this one. Its quite low and the Falcons passing D isn’t good. McLaurin over 60.5 receiving yards.

Jaguars vs Ravens:

Nothing jumping out at me for this one.

Jets vs Bears:

With Fields potentially out and Wilson not playing yeah skipping.

Titans vs Bengals:

Like Burrow to have a good game. Lot of deep passes expected here. But with the Chase issue, can’t really back any WRs. I’m good with Burrow over 277.5 passing yards as we should see quite a few deep balls here.

Panthers vs Broncos:

Could be a rough outing for Darnold here. I’m tempted by the under passing yards due to Broncos defensive metrics but QBs still able to throw against them. But his own throwing is poor from last years data and they overall aren’t throwing much whoever is at the helm. Under 184.5 passing yards for Darnold.

Dolphins vs Texans:

Feels like we’ll see a lot of passes here but I’m not sure which one of Hill or Waddle gets the most to go over the yards, and Tuas line is too high. I’m tempted by the under on him but you know just one explosive run can mess that up and Texans are a good team to do that against.

Browns vs Bucs:

Will be interesting one for Brissett as the Bucs pass rush can spell trouble but he has been good under pressure this season. No props are jumping out for this one.

Cardinals vs Chargers:

This should be a fun game. I feel like Herbert does a lot of passes short this week. But player passing attempts isn’t up at Bet365 as of time of writing this so I may edit it after to go with the over depending on what it is.

Chargers are a team you want to run against though. Conner Over 66.5 Rushing Yards.

Seahawks vs Raiders:

Man Coverage + D.K. Metcalf is always a good thing. Raiders defence has really been regressing too. Over 66.5 receiving yards is tempting but so is an anytime TD. That might be just after that Cowboys game I am thinking that though. I’ll go with Over 66.5 as I think he should be targeted a fair few times here.

Chiefs vs Rams:

I like Kelce here. He’s never slowing down, Rams are bad for yards per reception and they’re a good team to utilize the tight end. Any receptions he gets he is going to gain yards, and they like him for the deep balls as well. Lots of positives. Over 81.5 receiving yards for Kielce.

49ers vs Saints:

Man these 9ers are clicking right now. It’s nice to see. This could be a tricky one for them the Saints defence haven’t been too shabby in the last few weeks against the pass. Not seeing much here. This could be a tough game for Kittle and I was hoping to back the under here but bookies are aware and line is just 46.5 so no bet.

Eagles vs Packers:

Nothing for this one.