NFL Week 1 2022 Betting Tips: Late Games

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Written by Graeme

Are you getting sick of me yet? Ha. Hey I could’ve also did UFC Bets tonight!

Alright in this post I am going to cover the late games in the NFL. Which is four games at 4:25pm then the Sunday Night Football game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Let’s get stuck in as I want to relax with a couple of beers in time for the main card for UFC 279. Then sleep, and up for Serie A and F1! And honestly I can’t wait for week 2 when I’ve managed to see all the games. Week 1 honestly sucks as it’s a lot of guesswork, and a lot of second guessing.

BTW I’m going to add from the earlier games:

Vikings vs Packers:

The Packers are -1 favourites on the road. I’d like the Packers if Lazard was starting but he’s doubtful. Vikings have a lot of weapons but hey they also have Cousins. No play in this one.

Cardinals vs Chiefs:

Chargers vs Raiders:

The Chargers are 3.5 favourites at home to the Las Vegas Raiders. Should be a fast paced game. Sometimes there are games where I look at and right off the bat I have no clue, and this is one of them. If you’re watching, chuck an entertainment bet on the over. That’s what I’ll be doing.

Titans vs Giants:

The Giants are 5.5 underdogs on the road. Giants have always had some real bad injury luck. However this is easily their best OL in years which is a good sign. I have questions over Henry on the other side. Will be interesting seeing how it works out for Daboll here and if we see a lot of no-huddle offense.

Cowboys vs Bucs:

In what is an awesome game to have by its lonesome, the Cowboys are 2.5 underdogs here. Since this game was announced, I knew I’d be backing Cowboys for 1u to cover the spread.

Certainly some concerns on the Cowboys OL. Pollard stepped up last year so him and Zeke should have fun in this game I think. And look I know Brady is Brady and my god I love the guy – but he IS yet another year older, and after retiring then coming out of retirement? Eh. For once I’ll wait for him to prove himself before trusting him.

Bucs of course have the talented WRs and a lot of weapons. I love Lamb though and his match-up with Murphy-Bunting is an excellent one to have. He’ll be utilized a fair bit in the slot if the Cowboys are smart. Schultz should also play well against the zonal D.

Alright that’s it from me. I might be back for MNF. We’ll see how Sunday goes.