NFL Week 11 Betting Tips: Late Games

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Hi everyone,

I covered the week 11 early game bets in another post.

Today I will cover the three late games, and the Sunday Night Football game.

Not a big card but hey it is what it is.

Let’s look at it:

Raiders vs Bengals:

Raiders 1 point dogs. They come in on a 2 game losing streak. Boy the sportsbooks lost respect for the Bengals fast huh? That Jets loss then the Browns loss and they have given up on them.

This feels like a good matchup for Burrow. Mixon should have a solid game too. I really like Bengals to bounce back this week and Bengals -1 is my play of the week.

Seahawks vs Cardinals:

Seahawks 2 point underdogs. Looks like Murray may be back. Game time decision. Happy to skip ths one. My gut says Seahawks crush them – but when you look at recent Seahawks results it’s like man – hard to back them. If you are looking for a play I’d take the Seahawks though.

Chiefs vs Cowboys:

Chiefs -2.5 and I can’t tell you anything here. I rate the Cowboys very highly but this is something where weird crap can happen and with Amari out – no clue here. Staying the hell away.

Chargers vs Steelers:

Chargers -6. Coming in off that tough Vikings loss but they are solid this year. Steelers coming off that…sigh….tie, against the Lions.

Really disappointed with the way Herbert is playing since that Browns game. Ekeler should have a decent game. Yeah looking at it all, I like Chargers -6.