NFL Week 13 2018 Betting Tips

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Week 13 of the NFL season is upon us. It’s been quite the last 24 hours with the Kareem Hunt news and the Chiefs releasing him. Going to be interesting to see how they do without him and if they have a Steelers type RB situation or if it is more like the Jags.

The bookies think it’s going to be like the Steelers as they are the joint biggest favourites at -14 against the Raiders. The Packers are the other team who are -14.

Just behind them are the Rams -10 against the Detroit Lions and the Seahawks -10 against the San Francisco 49ers.

Should be an interesting week let’s get to the NFL betting tips for Week 13:

Raiders +14: I mean look this is completely a play on Hunt okay? Chiefs should blow them away. But I’m always good getting a home team with this sort of handicap. Chiefs are a very open team and their defense isn’t the best. With all the Hunt stuff who knows how focused they really are? I think it’s worth a small play for sure.

Ravens vs Falcons Under 48.5: I think Ravens take this game outright. The line is probably so low due to Lamar Jackso and he didn’t have the best start to h is career but he utilizes Gus Edwards a lot and I like that. The Ravens defense is beastly and I think that can take the pressure off Jackson. I think this is a low scoring game – I’m going to go with Under 48.5 even though I was tempted to go with the Ravens. I think we see a solid defensive preformance from them here.

Colts -4: Hell yeah. Andrew Luck is absolutely loving life at the moment and I dig that. Jags are a mess and the QB change won’t change things. Their defence is still brutal and I am going to go with the Colts -4 here. I think they’ve got what it takes to win by at least a touchdown.

Bears -3: Giants offense has been showing signs of life lately and I know Blount had fun with them but I just think the Bears D step up this week. Eli will be put to the test big time and this is a lot different than the Eagles secondary that’s for sure. I’m fine with Daniel playing.