NFL Week 14 2021: Early Game Bets

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Hi everyone,

A quick note that I may end up skipping next week’s NFL action. We’ve got a family trip going on next weekend and I’ll be away.

Hopefully not though. Not just for writing for you guys – but I do this for my own bets etc as it helps me think things out. I also feel if I miss a week, it messes up the flow of things for me. We’ll see how it goes.

With that let’s look at the early games taking place in the NFL this weekend. This weekend is a bit more balanced in terms of early games versus late games which is nice.

Panthers vs Falcons:

Falcons are 2.5 point dogs here. They’re coming off that tough loss to the Bucs. Panthers had a horrible loss to the Dolphins last week.

On paper, Newton could eat this defense up. But until he steps up, I feel good backing against him. In saying that, Ryan might have trouble with this defense. Ryawn and Gage are doing well together though.

If Newton steps up so be it but from what we’ve seen so far, I’m fine backing Falcons +2.5.

Browns vs Ravens:

Ravens are 3 point underdogs. They look like a disaster. I just don’t know what is going on with this offense. Browns had a nice rest. Chubb and Hunt both playing. I like this spot for the Browns. Browns -3 as I think the coaching will be better here and they will utilize Chubb and Hunt better. Last time against the Ravens was just brutal but they have to have learned about that and planned for it.

Washington vs Cowboys:

Cowboys are -4.5 point favourites here. The Washington defense is slightly better but still really struggling. On paper, Dallas rock Washington hard. But there are games that often make me wary and this is one of them. My gut says Washington pull off an upset here. On paper BTW I’d have Cowboys at -7.5 myself. But I feel this one will be much closer and potential upset.

Titans vs Jaguars:

Jaguars are 8.5 point dogs here. Titans coming off that Patriots loss….and that Texans loss. Unbackable team right now. If they have Julio Jones back tehn maybe but they are missing AJB obviously. No bet here.

Chiefs vs Raiders:

Chiefs 10 point favourites here. You have to feel Chiefs will win but can they cover the spread? Well they did blitz them 41-14 back in mid-November.

Raiders – that Cowboys result is still in my mind. Damn they were good there. The Washington loss last week was tough. One could say in that early Chiefs game they were still adjusting to life without Ruggs.

Darren Waller out again. Moreau hasn’t been too great. This is a razor thin one. Strong lean on the Chiefs as their defense is stepping up – I think this is a gamble but i’ll probably bet Chiefs -10 here.

Jets vs Saints:

Saints just 5.5 point favourites here against the Jets. Saints didn’t do too badly last week with Hill having that finger injury, and the Cowboys being decent. Jets just got rolled over by the Eagles.

Hill is able to rush as well. Zach Wilson certainly looked better which was nice to see for him. Kamara could be back for Saints too which would be nice.

Happy to back Saints -5.5 here and the running game of Kamara and Hill should carry them to victory and to cover the point spread.

Texans vs Seahawks:

Seahawks are -8.5. Still can’t believe they beat the 49ers last week. Now they go up against a Texans team missing Tyrod Taylor. I’ll be honest I don’t have a lot of confidence in the Seahawks offense – I really didn’t think they were that great or dynamic last week.

I do like seeing the progression of Metcalf as he is bouncing back a bit. Then you have Lockett as a weapon. Texans really shouldn’t be able to stop them so even though I don’t love the Seahawks, they have to look at this as a confidence building dominant win. Seahawks -8.5.