NFL Week 4 2019 Betting Tips: Early Games

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It’s a busy Sunday in Week 4 of the NFL. It’s already kickstarted with the Eagles versus the Packers.

In this post I’ll be going through all of the early games that begin at 1pm EST and giving my thoughts, and whether there is a bet worth making.

So hey without further delay let’s talk some football.

I’ll be back tomorrow to cover the later games most likely although I may cover UFC instead – see how I feel.

Let’s get to it – Chiefs vs Lions line is currently off the board with Stafford on the injury list.

Panthers at Texans Betting Tips:

Browns at Ravens Betting Tips:

Not the best time for the Browns so far – a team who many expected better from. They just can’t get the points on the board and Mayfield has struggled. However it will take time.

It’s concerning how bad he is under pressure and we’ll see the Ravens up their game like they did in Week 1 and put the pressure on.

However with Ward and Williams probably being out I don’t know if they can do the deed on Lamar.

No bet on this one. I am leaning Browns however and if Ward and Williams were in would back them for sure.

Chargers at Dolphins Betting Tips:

Another Dolphins game, another huge point spread. 14.5 points this time. It was 16.5 points at one point but has dropped. Maybe people have faith in Rosen. Austin Ekeler should have a field day however. Keenan Allen is killing it too. I think the Chargers to go town. Chargers -14.5

Patriots at Bills Betting Tips:

Only a 7 point spread on this one. The Patriots offense is killing it but so is their defense. Sorry Bills fans – I’m a big fan of Josh Allen but I think he is going to get crushed this week. Patriots -7

Raiders at Colts Betting Tips:

Raiders are 7 point underdogs here. They’ve been struggling and the Colts are a team rolling in confidence after 2 straight wins. Brissett is playing very very well.

Hilton is struggling and that is an issue due to his injury. That’s a big loss for them and I am not sure how they will respond.

Based on Hilton being out I am not sure how they will do. No bet as they may struggle without him.

Titans at Falcons Betting Tips:

Falcons are 3.5 point favourites here. They are coming in off a loss against the Colts. Titans were obliterated by the Jags.

Ryan has had a tough team as his OL can’t keep the players away. However I don’t think he will be under pressure as much in this one, and he will get the ball to Julio quite often I expect.

I am taking Falcons -3.5

Redskins at Giants Betting Tips:

Surely I am not the only one nauseated at the media going nuts over Daniel Jones. It’s one freaking game. They’re going to be without Barkley of course and that will hurt. Despite that they are 3 point favourites. I think a lot of it is just hype over the Giants. I’m fine with backing Skins +3