NHL Bets: February 18, 2020

Hope you all enjoyed a winning day yesterday with the NHL Bets!

We went 2-1 with a big 3u play on the Ducks/Flames and a 2u play on Tampa. The Lightning made it a bit of a close one however they were able to pull it out in overtime and keep their streak alive.

Our lone loss was the Washington Capitals. Holtby is a mess at the moment and the Capitals do seem to be more focused on getting Ovechkin goals than actually winning a game it seems.

The NHL keeps up a busy schedule with 7 games taking place this Tuesday. Let’s look through each one and see if there is a bet to be made:

Blue Jackets at Flyers Bet: This is just an absolutely massive game in the playoff race. Philadelphia come in off a tough game against Tampa although they did contend at the end. The Blue Jackets – oh they be struggling. They did manage to put up 55 shots on goal against the Devils but still lost. I think this is more a coinflip of a game, and I’m quite happy to risk 1u on Jackets +130.

Leafs at Penguins Bet: The Pittsburgh Penguins are starting to get on a roll. Some good performances out there and if you take out the Tampa loss they have not lost in regulation this month. They are playing more offensive hockey and are on an upward trend while Toronto are on a downward trend. However they are just too heavy favourites for me here. Andersen is expected to be in net and he has a good record against Pittsburgh. Nothing for me here.

Sabres at Senators Bet: Are Buffalo actually making a charge for the playoffs? They have a few impressive results going after a bad run. I just don’t know how much faith I have in them. Sabres are one of those teams that are so hard to back however they do feel confidence is building and if they are going to make a run for the playoffs, they win games like this. 1u on Sabres -110.

Canadiens at Red Wings Bet: Detroit are a bigger dumpster fire than usual at the moment. They haven’t played at home much lately. They beat Boston here. They lost to Philly and the Rangers by not scoring. However they have shown fight here, and beaten Montreal. Montreal are struggling. You can see by the metrics the last few games are wearing on them. I think it’s worth a risky bet. Red Wings +190 to win 1u.

Hurricanes at Predators Bet: Nashville have put up three wins in a row and they host the dangerous Carolina Hurricanes, who can beat anybody on any given day. However Carolina have been a bit off lately. This is the type of game I could see going over but I don’t want to risk it.

Kings at Jets Bet: The Jets ended a 2 game losing run with a tight win over the Chicago Blackhawks. The Jets are not a team that I love to back right now. They just don’t seem to be performing well. Coming up against a Kings team who have won two in a row including the stadium game – Kings will be refreshed and confident. I don’t believe this one is worth a bet.

Devils at Blues Bet: The Blues be slumping. A good spot for them to get back to it but the odds are insane for this one. Devils are +210? Seriously? Devils did trade their captain and could be a mess but man remember when they traded Taylor Hall and started winning? Why the hell not? 1u on Devils +210 even though there is a great chance they get blown out.

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