NHL Bets: January 12th, 2020

What an incredible day of NFL action that was yesterday.

49ers vs Vikings was what many of us expected. The Vikings were average and the 49ers were good. Graeme called that one right on the point spread. Alas the Vikings never really got that early lead he was hoping for so there was no option for live betting.

He lost with Ravens -10 and what a loss that was. Titans – who would have thought? Unbelieveable by them. Derrick Henry the true MVP. Seriously what a player.

Vince went 1-1 for a profit in the NBA. He had Mavericks -2 as a 2u play and they drubbed the 76ers 109-91. He lost with the over in the Bucks game as they won 122-101. He wanted the Bucks there but he thought the Blazers offense at home would perform better than what they did. It was a very weak 4th quarter.

I’m going to cover todays NHL action, after a quick chat with Graeme and hearing his early thoughts on the games. There is 6 games taking place and I will offer analysis and thoughts for each one:

NHL Bets for January 12th, 2020

Predators at Jets: This should be a really fun game. The Winnipeg Jets have been involved in high scoring games all of 2020. The Predators are the same. They just had that big win over the Blackhawks with their new coach in John Hynes. I like this one to be high scoring. 2u on over 6.5 Goals at +110

Canucks at Wild: The Vancouver Canucks are coming off that early win over the Buffalo Sabres yesterday. Now they look to take on the Minnesota Wild who haven’t played in a few days. The Wild have been in somewhat of a slump lately. Canucks have a chance here and I am happy to take Canucks at +240 for 1u.

Sabres at Wings: Detroit has strung a couple of surprising wins together and actually have a three game winning streak going into this one. Crazy. Bernier is getting better by the game. Buffalo are in serious disarray at the moment. Yet the Detroit Red Wings are the underdogs? Yes please. Give me Red Wings +125 for 1u any day.

Penguins at Coyotes: Is today the day Sid the Kid returns? Still not sure. It’s a case of looking at it and deciding would we bet it if he does play? Would we bet it if he doesn’t? I can’t bet it. When you look at how close all their games have been lately, it’s practically 50/50 all the way through. So I can’t back that. Coyotes are too close to +100 for me to back them either so no bet here.

Lightning at Devils: The streak has to end sometime. The Devils just clobbered the Capitals last night and are riding high. Why not tonight at this price? 1u on the Devils at +200.

Leafs at Panthers: This should be a high scoring game. The Panthers offense is excellent especially at home and we know how the Leafs are. 1u at -135 on over 6.5.

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