No Tour Championship Tips

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Hi all,

After much thought I have decided not to do any Tour Championship tips this week.

There is the new structure that I am sure you are aware of where golfers start at a different score depending on their placing in the standings. So Justin Thomas is -10, Patrick Cantlay is -8, Dustin Johnson is -3 etc.

It’s just one of those things where I think it will affect the mentality of the golfers and I honestly don’t know how to come up with any betting tips with any degree of accuracy.

It’s going to make for interesting watching that’s for sure. Most sportsbooks offer the ability to bet with the current scores, or with starting strokes not counting. Not for me this week.

Instead I am going to just focus on DraftKings instead this week. That will be my only gambling action.

So might be a couple week break for me although I’ll look at non-PGA events and see.

Have a good week and enjoy the tournament.