November 17th, 2017 NBA Betting Tips

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We rode the Celtics last night as they defeated the Warriors. They were getting seven points at home and won outright by four. The most impressive thing isn’t even the victory, but the fact that they held the Warriors to just 88 points. That is some serious defense and the Celtics win streak continues. You know we’ll be watching them this weekend.

There are a couple of games that we have our eyes on for tonight so let’s get right into that.

Detroit Pistons vs. Indiana Pacers Betting Tips:

The Pistons have won eight of their last ten and five of their last six, but for some reason they are getting a point here tonight against the Pacers.

Detroit is eighth in the NBA in defensive rating and this really looks like the team that we thought they were going to be last season. Sometimes these things just take longer than we expected. The Pistons feel like the type of team we thought we were getting when Stan Van Gundy was hired.

While the Pacers have been better than we expected this season, this is exactly the kind of game that the Pistons should win. Indiana’s defensive rating is over 107 which means they aren’t stopping anyone. Detroit will come into this one rested and are coming off a loss to the Bucks. They should be focused and motivated to play.

Pistons +1 is a great play tonight. They are the better team here and want to get their weekend started on the right foot.

Miami Heat vs. Washington Wizards Betting Tips:

This is a tricky one. These two teams just played two days ago in Miami and the Wizards won by nine. They play again tonight in Washington with the Wizards as big favorites. It’s hard to beat any team twice in a row in the NBA and this throws up a few red flags.

Except for one thing, Miami kind of sucks. They are 24th in the NBA in Net Rating and their offense has really left a lot to be desired. The defense hasn’t been there and there just isn’t much to be excited about with them.

The Wizards on the other hand give us a lot to get excited about. They are sixth in Net Rating and their 108.2 offensive rating is eight points higher than the Heat. That’s big. If you take away the numbers and simply look at the teams on the floor, how do you not pick John Wall and Bradley Beal over anyone on the Heat? You can’t do it.

As much as the back to back match-up gives me pause, I just can’t go against the Wizards here tonight. Washington -5 is a good home team and they should get the job done again tonight.