November 19th, 2014 Betting Tips: Knicks, 76ers vs Celtics

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Welcome to the Sports Betting Tips for November 19th, 2014.

We have not been able to get the golf tips up yet for this week. We aim to hopefully work on them later today unfortunately it takes a large chunk of our day and we haven’t had the time. Hopefully today as we missed last week due to a similar circumstance. We want to get back to winning 25/1 shots damnit.

Mixed day yesterday. Scotland or draw fizzled out in what was really a disappointing game – it didn’t have the atmosphere of previous Scotland vs England games. Scotland were also exhausted after the Ireland game while England fielded quite the strong team.

Let’s get to the tips:

NHL Betting Tips For November 19th:

Unfortunately, no bets tonight.

These games are just too tricky. Flyers vs Rangers is ALWAYS a coinflip of a game. Giroux is out for the Flyers which is huge though – and the odds are reflecting that. Rangers are 1.71 to win which is very poor value – yet we can’t bet the Flyers either because Giroux being out is massive. Stay away.

Oilers vs Canucks same thing. Oilers feel “due” and Hall is back and in the previous 3 games Oilers have came close. But Canucks are coming off that 5-0 thrashing from the other night – will that be in their minds? The odds on the teams are bad again – Oilers just 2.15 means zero value there.

This is the night where you don’t bet NHL, and instead play Daily Fantasy Hockey over at FanDuel Daily Fantasy Sports.

Never played daily fantasy hockey before? It’s easy. You sign up and then you deposit cash – whatever you want. $20 or $10 even. There are tournaments for everyone – like $1 entry. Obviously higher too.

Then you pick players. There are 2 games tonight so you enter a “Wednesday” tournament and you pick a goalie, 2 D, 2 LW, 2 R and 2 C. Simple as that. You have to stay within the salary cap they offer – and then you sit back, watch and hope your players get the points.

Very easy and very fun. So please go to FanDuel Daily Fantasy Sports as they are best for NHL.

NBA Betting Tips for November 19th:

76ers vs Celtics: For some reason, the bookies keep underrestimating the Celtics offense. They have went over the point spread 7 in a row now and we’re going to go with 8. It’s a healthy line of 208.5 but we feel it will go over. 76ers schedule is not good and this is probably the “easiest” matchup they have over the next few games. Celtics defense is horrendous obviously – we like both teams to fire them up, and this game to go over.

Knicks vs Timberwolves: Knicks never make it easy for us when it comes to betting but we’ll go with them +1.5 tonight. Minnesota have been dominated with Thad out – now we’re adding Pekovic and Rubio to that? We know the Knicks are inconsistent but this is a game where they really, really need to win and we think they’ll do that. Of course – this being the Knicks we shall play it safe and go with the 1.5 points because you know if we don’t take that – the Knicks will lose by a point.

And if you want to do daily fantasy basketball check out FanDuel Daily Fantasy Sports as well.