November 2nd, 2014 Betting Tips: NFL

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That was quite the Manchester Derby. Man City get the win and it was well deserved – but wow did things change when they took the lead. We expected City to dominate the counter attack but they rarely got anything going and struggled just to hold onto their lead.

Still – a big win for City and that will be a morale boost for them. They needed that win for sure and it could have easily seen a lot more goals in that game.

It’s Sunday which means one thing – the NFL.

Massive game today featuring the Denver Broncos vs the New England Patriots. Manning vs Brady is always good stuff. The Raiders take 13.5 points as they visit Seattle to battle the Seahawks, and the Jaguars have 10.5 points with them as they visit Cincinnati to take on the Bengals.

Cowboys are home dogs, with Tony Romo out. Remember to change those fantasy football lineups!

Let’s get to the NFL Betting Tips for November 2nd, 2014:

NFL: Chargers vs Dolphins Betting Tips:

We consider this line a mismatch.

Chargers are the underdogs, but honestly we feel they should be favourites. And they’re getting 2.5 points at +100? Um….yes please?

Dolphins have picked up 2 road wins in a row – but one of them was against the Jaguars, and the other was against the Bears. Bears have just been a big disappointment this season, very inconsistent.

Chargers of course are on a bad run – but we just can’t see them losing three in a row. Sure their schedule hasn’t been the toughest so far but the Bills at home is no pushover, and hosting the Seahawks they won there.

Bet: Chargers +2.5 at

NFL: Broncos vs Patriots Betting Tips

In a game that we think is basically a coinflip, we have to take the Patriots +3.

Tom Brady man – just a few weeks ago, they were all questioning him. They were all saying he just doesn’t have it anymore. And what’s happened? He’s stepped up in ways no-one could imagine. Him and Gronk at the moment especially – damn those two are just like a match and a stick of dynamite together.

Broncos are a tough team who can score a lot – but we just have to go with the Patriots at the moment, one of the hottest teams in the NFL.

Bet: Patriots +3 at

NFL: Browns vs Bucs Betting Tips

We like a blowout for the Cleveland Browns.

They’re -6.5 which is perfect. If it was -7.5 we’d have to think twice but giving up less than a touchdown? Yes. Yes please.

Browns picked up a big win over the Raiders, a great bounce back. They’re at home where they have been SOLID. They beat the Saints and the Steelers and almost beat the Ravens.

Bucs look bad – so so bad at the moment.

Go with the Cleveland Browns.

Bet: Browns -6.5 at