November 3rd, 2014 Betting Tips: Giants, Celtics, EPL

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Quite the day yesterday in the NFL.

Without Tony Romo, the Cowboys lost to the Cardinals 28-17. It happens. Honestly I am glad the Cowboys gave Romo the week off – give the dude a rest, time to recuperate etc. He barely trains as it is anyway so migh tas well give him time off.

The Jets struggle yet again – they are now 1-8-0. What a sad case they are and next years draft is going to be interesting.

Bengals dominated against the Jags, and in a big upset the Dolphins killed the Chargers 37-0. Wow were we wrong with our analysis on that one – we honestly thought the Chargers would make it a tight game. Did not happen.

Seahawks struggled against the Raiders – letting them into the game in the 2nd half. And of course in the big one, the New England Patriots dominated and destroyed the Denver Broncos in the latest Brady vs Manning matchup.

We have Monday Night Football tonight, with the Indianapolis Colts taking on the New York Giants.

Let’s get to November 3rd, 2014 Betting Tips:

NFL: Colts vs Giants Betting Tips:

Both teams have been rather streaky this season and it’s going to be a very interesting game.

Giants are at home after two road game losses and then the bye week. They will be extra prepared and well rested going into this one.

Colts are coming off last weeks tough loss to the Steelers.

Colts are probably the better team. BUT we like the Giants. We’re putting faith in the offensive coordinator – remember what the Giants kept saying? Later in the season is when they’ll be better. We’re confident they planned accordingly around the bye week, and will come out and go on a huge run to get into the playoffs.

Bet: Giants +3 at

NBA: Celtics vs Mavericks Betting Tips

One big concern with the Mavericks at the moment is the second half. They dominate the game, lead and then just sit back and let the other team into it.

That’s a concern. It truly is. This is a team that is feeling too confident and they will likely tend to underrestimate opponents. One perfect team for that is the Boston Celtics. Celtics looked great in their first game. Last time out it was all about shooting – they looked just horrible on the offense and just 1 in 25 3 pointers.

That happens. Celtics have had a couple of days and will be better prepared. With the Mavs looking like they are getting over confident at the moment, we’re going to go with the Celtics to keep this one closer.

Bet: Celtics +9 at

EPL: Crystal Palace vs Sunderland Betting Tips

This seems like a game where both teams will settle for a point.

Sunderland are in real trouble at the moment, and they’ll come here playing for the draw. Palace haven’t had much better fortunes and while they’ll want to play for the win in front of their home fans, they’re not worth the price of 11/10.

We’re going to go with the draw for this one. 12/5 odds is a good price.

Bet: Palace vs Sunderland to draw at