November 5th, 2014 Betting Tips: NBA & NHL

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We had a decent day yesterday with the sports betting tips.

Unfortunately it started off slow – we had Real Madrid -2, and that was BEFORE Liverpool announced their changed squad. Real Madrid dominated the game but unfortunately could not add to their tally, and that one ended up 1-0.

We bounced back with the NHL Betting Tips. We gave you a great price of 2.25 odds on the Flames, and Calgary did the business in overtime with a 4-3 win over the Capitals. We also had the Penguins at 2.00 odds, and they dominated the Wild to make it a 2-1 night in hockey for us, and put us up betting wise even with the Champions League loss.

We then went 1-1 in the NBA. Both games were incredibly tight and we landed on the right side on one, and wrong side on the other. We had Raptors -11.5 and they won by exactly 12 points in a tight one. Thankfully the Raptors had a big second half there. We had Suns -6.5 and they won the game – but by only 6 so we lost by half a point there. That was a disappointing one as the Suns really had the game wrapped up but let the Lakers back in it.

Today is November 5th, 2014 and we’ve got a lot of betting tips for you guys. We don’t have any golf betting tips this week FYI – we know a lot of you visit purely for them. Sorry – maybe next week.

Oh but hey – we forgot to brag about our big pick! Vettel 17/1 in the F1 for the fastest lap in the American Grand Prix. He snagged that with a few laps to spare – damn was that ever tight.

Let’s get to the sports betting tips for November 5th, 2014:

NHL Betting Tips for November 5th:

Habs vs Sabres Betting Tips: If you’re a fan of value bets, then you just have to go with Buffalo here. They’re 2.67 odds and when you look at the Habs the last couple of games – ugh. Also, the Habs are coming off a 5-0 thrashing at home to Chicago, and they have to travel to Buffalo and play tonight? Yikes. Buffalo coming off the Red Wings win and a night off – not a good sign.

Islanders vs Ducks Betting Tips: We’ll be taking overtime out of the equation here, as we tip the Ducks to win in regulation. Their offense is on fire at the moment, and the Islanders are just looking very, very bad. Islanders could rally – but this Ducks offense is not a team you want to be facing when you’re feeling down.

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NBA Betting Tips for November 5th:

Heat vs Hornets Betting Tips: Heat were brought back down to earth against the Rockets, who gave them their first loss of the early season. That is a GOOD thing, trust us. It’s very, very good. The reason is that it was going to happen – and now the pressure is back off them. They played a lot better in the early games without pressure but it was starting to build again. Take the Heat +2.

Knicks vs Pistons Betting Tips: Neither team can really get the offense going at the moment, but we’re going for the New York Knicks to cover the point spread of +4.

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